July 20th, 2005

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last night donnie and i walked to kassels and it was a long as walk just to buy cigs. we watched soul plane and random tv shit then went to bed. ashlee had to work and dee stayed at coleys. it was mildly boring but we always think up some wierd thing to do.
Yesterday was metal night on radio x, i didnt know that, so i requested casualties punk rock love.
they told me it was metal night or else they would play it.
So i said, could you play some anal cunt?
They said...yes. But they didnt have "i lit your baby on fire", so he said he would pick a random one.
So we ran to my car and flipped on 91.5 and started listening, 6 fucking AC songs in a row! I was sooo happy.
I looked at donnie and said "if only they knew would kind of racist, murdering, wife beating hate was going over the radio waves right now" and donnie said "imagine some old man just flipping through and getting the knob stuck on this station" HAHAHHA

On punk day im gettin them to play crass or boris the sprinkler.
I did that last year we went to the radio station and waited for the assholes to play our shit, they wouldnt at first.
Finally they said "we have 3 punks here saying if we dont play their music they will (something) so here it is"

Im done. Later

Oh and why dont i have any friends?! (besides you of course, alex. lol)

3 |\/| 3 R 6 3 |\| < Y

We've heard it all before
We've learning to ignore
You must confess this awful mess
Isn't just a bore
It's more than we could bear
But you don't really care
Kiss of live to save our life
All you do is stare
Sell yourself for cheap
Make our mother weep
Loosing pride is hard to hide
And harder still to keep

I'm back in full attack
Never give in until they crack

Raiders strike but where
Panic in the air
Running scared oh im so scared
It gets you everywhere
Heard it on the news
Rebels get accused
Fighting for another cause
But why and where and whose
Carry out their plan
Release us if you can
Whats your worth to a pile of earth
Youre just another man

Black jack wanna quack
Never get your money back
Pack attack in the back
By a bloody maniac
Better see industry
Take it fast and make it last
Go away make them pay
Never make the same misstakes
Sometimes care sometimes not
See 'em bleed and see them rot

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Do you ever look at yourself and think of how badly you look like a retarded cancer patient that just got through kemo?


Just wondering.

I suppose its better than the pic of me in a bra and suspenders, that pics just fucking creepy.


Im using thought the thoght process. I dont really like it right now because latly its always negative. Tim,e to fucking grow up and stop caring i guess.

Fuck Boston, and Stevie's lame.

Im going to go chill with the iguana.

i need a life

i tried filling out a girl servey but gave the fuck up. I like girls. girls are good. Im hated more than gg allin though so who gives a damn.
I like skinny girls, long hair preferably brown, not bitchy, fuck slutty people, serious relationships, and good taste in music. i dont like depressed girls either, or ones that complain about looks ect it doesent do anything but bring people down. i like girls that dont think they should do anything special for guys. girls that think guys and girls are completly equal. girls that dont like cooking, and would never make me food. girls that dont play barbie. Smart, but not school smart. Can be damn good friends and good couplke as well. preferably dont wear much make-up, and dont care about how they look anyhow. girls that like to have fun maybe go to shows then walk around downtown talking for a while or something. preferably SXE or close, no fucking pills, they can kill you. that sums it up basically.

If you love me, send me tea bags.

Chris Beard
109 Juliet St.
Marquette, Mi. 49855

Just Another survey

Name: Christopher Scott Beard AKA Skummy
Gender: male
Hair length and style: shaved
Eye colour: dark brown
Birth date: Nov. 10
Height: 5'11 ish
Location: Marquette Michigan
Nationality: mostly german and french

Colour: red
Food: Taco bell and Iced tea
Band: at the moment im hxc into crass. Im also into: A.C., quincy punx, oxymoron, blitz, pinko and the action boys- pinko moxie army, skeptix, conflict, assrash, societys failure. i literally love all punk, but those are the bands i listen to most asd of right now.
Person: Dees fuckin good! lol umm.. Alex as well, best friends for life, you know.
Movie: idk, i guess in god we trust inc, the DK movie
TV show: family guy, reno 911
Drink: iced tea <3
Best friend: alex
Website: uhh lj
Celebrity: hahahhaa
Animal: cat, snake
Song: if there was no government- crass
Computer game: none

*~Have you ever...~*
Been in love? Yes
Been to a concert? Yes
Had deja vu? Yeh
Put something really gross in your mouth? yes
Eaten oysters? yes
Been dumped? yes
Met a celebrity? yes
Smoked? yes
Drank alcohol? Yes
Had an operation? yes, sewing my ear back on
Got into really bad trouble? Yes
Swore in front of your parent(s)? Yes
Bought something on the spur of the moment that you really hated later? yes
Been abroad on holiday? yes
Written a song? yes
Had a holiday romance? yes

*~Do you...~*
Smoke? yes, well, cigs.
Drink? no, never
Swear? yeah
Eat meat? somtimes
Wear make up? no ima boy
Dye your hair? when i had my mohawk it was pink (and huge!)
Skate? no
Play an instrument? i scream just like seth putnam, or so im told (Anal cunt)
Like sporks? not any better than anything else. Im a nhilistic dish-user.
Have IM? fxkngcxnt, godDAMNpunk999, misfits0fiend
Have ant tattoos or piercings? ears 3 times, tounge, nipples, and many, many tats.
Own a skirt? yes

~*This or that~*
Good Charlotte or Yellowcard? good charlotte is better than yellowcard, but i dont like them.
Jessica Simpson or Ashlee Simpson? ashlee simpson
Christina Aguilera or Britney Spears? cristina alguilera has beter music
Green Day or Nirvana? greenday sucks, but they have a lot of good songs.
Will & Grace or Friends? will and grace of course
Music or TV? Music
Pepsi or Coke? coke
Silver or Gold? silver
Winter or Summer? Summer
Black or White? white
Punk or Emo? punk rock, emo isnt toooo bad sometimes, but i dont like winey emo like yellow card or something, more like 1000 memories by bad religion or something
Prep or Nerd? preps are cool, nerds are cool, whatever
Chinese food or Indian food? Indian
Skirt or pants? pants

*~And finally...~*
Are you glad this survey is over? No.