July 15th, 2005


Today i decided to sell my car for real, no ifs and or buts. its going to a random person for 350 or a friend for 300. fuck you, im not taking an offer.
This way, i will be able to pay off my fucking car and have money to leave this shithole again.
first week of august = me fucking gone!
whats up now?
i am not selling the other shit i changed my mind, so ignore it. with the car gone, i will be able to pay other stuff.
I dont want to deal with it any more.
i just cant afford it.
i am, and always will suck, i do believe.

long, i know, and im somewhat sorry

first of all, im on a new keyboard. I dont know if anyone knows what thats like, but i have a laptop i always use, not a regular keyboard and a big machine, im not used to it. its also slow which is killing me. im on dee's computer.
today i woke up intirely way to early, and went out by the side of the highway and danced with a sign saying "rummage sale!" and the address for like 4 hours, in the heat, with two gib signs attacted to my neck. i got really really hot, and had the beginnings of a heat stroke. i was pissy all day long because of it.
so i went back to the house and got water and they said i brought in a lot of customers, which is cool. but they kind of wanted me to go back out there, but at the same time didnt because i could die.
But i didnt and i took a shower, and ended up being fine. So then i played pool, and hung out for a while in the basement. I got stabbed again, this time not like when i got stabbed in the arm, andcle or wrist, this was more like an accident and it wont leave a scar. my other stab wounds left some cool scars though, i might post them next time i use the webcam. but this kid just swung it at me expecting me to move, and i didnt, like an idiot. i laughed it off. its small as hell, seriously doesent even look like he cut me, more like a big paper cut.
so then tonight i went for a bike ride, and on the way back i saw a car comming at me, MY CAR. I said "who the fuck is driving my car?!" and then noticed it was a nieghbor who sells cars and said my car wasent even worth the money i already payed the guy because the fronts fucked up so badly, so the guy i bought it from ripped me off, and lied to kelly. the cars a piece of shit i guess. it rums great, but is in need of expencive parts really bad. but he got someone to buy it for 300 bucks so i can pay the fucking dickhead off and i will get to go to milwaulkee like planned. if he pulls any i owe extra because im late bullshit ill just blow up his house, place of work, and new car.
So tomorrow i should have the money to pay that piece of shit child molester off.
My new vest is almost done, all i need to do is sew on my checkered fabric.
My bullet belt will be here this week!Whats up now?!
i will be the only kid in marquette with one.

typically i get something, then find out someone else has it, but not this fucking time. if i see anyone get a bullet belt in marquette besides me, ill choke them with it and throw it away. my time to shine mutherfucker.

im done. i hate this keyboartd to the point where i fuck up every word terribly then have to backspace and rewrite it, not worht it to me, fuck off