July 14th, 2005

(no subject)

:x: Last Cigarette: intirely way too long ago, like an hour?
:x: Last Cry: Long time ago
:x: Last Library Book Checked Out: idk
:x: Last Movie Seen In a Theatre: hitchikers guide to the galaxy
:x: Last Cuss Word Uttered: whore
:x: Last Beverage Drank: water
:x: Last Food Consumed: salad
:x: Last Phone Call: mom
:x: Last TV Show Watched: idk
:x: Last Time Showered: this morning
:x: Last Shoes Worn: boots
:x: Last CD Played: Crass- penis envy
:x: Last Soda Drank: coke
:x: Last Thing Written: Coke.
:x: Last Words Spoken: good night
:x: Last IM: kyle
:x: Last Time Wanting to Die: Don't worry about it.
:x: Last Lipstick: No
:x: Last Time Dancing: Earlier
:x: Last Show Attended: ducky boys, catch 22, flogging molly
:x: Last Big Car Ride: umm.... around mqt i guess
:x: Last Crush: jewish princess
:x: Last Annoyance: arguement over lying
:x: Last Disappointment: hahahahahhahahaa
:x: Last Time Scolded: scolded?
:x: Last Shirt Worn: dropkick murphys
:x: Last Web Site Visited: livejournal
:x: Last song you listened to: before this cd it was unseen's #3 on tottaly unseen comp.
:x: Last song that was stuck in your head: if there was no government- crass

:x: piercings: 6
:x: tattoos: around 20
:x: height: 5'10
:x: hair color: skinhead
:x: siblings: 2 sisters

:x: you have a crush on some one: yeah
:x: you wish you could live somewhere else: Yea
:x: you think about suicide: nope
:x: you believe in online dating: nope
:x: others find you attractive: nope
:x: you want more piercings: nope
:x: you do drugs: nope
:x: you smoke: Yes
:x: you like cleaning: at times
:x: you like roller coasters: Yes
:x: you write in cursive or print: Print.

:x: using someone: Against
:x: suicide: Against
:x: killing people: Against
:x: smoking: For
:x: doing drugs: niether
:x: driving drunk: Against

:x: thing to talk about: music
:x: sport: hockey
:x: drinks: iced tea
:x: clothes: black and white pants, random shirt
:x: movie: Suburbia slc punk, sid and nancy
:x: singer: seth putnam
:x: holiday: Halloween

:x: ever cried over a boy: No
:x: ever lied to someone: Yes.
:x: ever been arrested: yes

:x: shampoo do you use: umm shaving stuff
:x: shoes do you wear: army boots
:x: are you scared of: bugs, doctors

:x: disney movie: idk
:x: eye color: idc
:x: flower: rose
:x: color: red

:x: beautiful: No
:x: funny: idk, i get laughed at enough
:x: friendly: Yes
:x: loveable: i suppose
:x: caring: Yes
:x: cool: according to kyle yeah