July 12th, 2005

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Im a lot happier than before. Things always work out somehow, this one did, well in fact.
Im quite happy.
theres a bat in the basement where i sleep. he only comes out at night and hes scary to an extent. luckily, ive dealt with injured bats before so im not too scared. i do want the prize if i kill it though.

butt sex and heartburn medication. LOL
2 perfect things for coley... LMAO

I want an american aligator, but i need my own place first. but then, im tottaly getting one for the basement. if its okay with who i will live with anyhow. i hope so. i freekin' love those things.

my dads now in the hospital with the beginnings of gangrene on his leg.
hmmm... that seriously sucks. hes being much more human latly. not fun to live with,but cool to visit a few times a week.

im done. later


my sisters being a cunt.
my moms watching tv.
my dads hospitalized.

So...Heres what I like.
Taco Bell
Lipton iced tea
My car
Punk Rock music.
YL shirts
My new studded vest
My knuckle dusters
Frank Zappa
Music burning programs
Boris the sprinkler
Anal cunt
Gloves of metal
My moms new ashtray
Got Crack? t shirt im wearing.
WHAT CRACK?! poster my sissy has
the fact that im going to green bay and milwaukee soon.
That im GOING to meet reverend norb while there if i die trying.
im a pussy and cant do anything right. ;-)

Things i dont like. AKA... things that fucking suck
bascially almost everything else. but idk that for sure i might have forgotten something.