July 10th, 2005

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first of all...
WHITNEY!! i didnt get ur message untill much later, like 1:09 AM to be exact, and even if earlier, i couldnt sneak u out anyways. lol
but, im not mad at you, and wasent ever mad. why did u think that? but we should hang out when u get back. like, soon. after a week is up anyhow.

and for today, i made the coolest pants in the world. they are so fucking cool. they were regular black pants, so i made half white, half black, then drew shit on the white part. they are so sexy, i wish i was sexy so i could wear the kickin' pants and be sexy with them. maybe they will make me sexy!!!! then they would be the coolest pants and my new best friend. lol



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What now?!

My dads in the hospital, or maybe hes out. but either way, he had to gothere tonight because he had a fever and went numb and fell and couldnt move. (my dads handicapped, for who ever didnt know).
Im sick of people getting fucking sick!
My aunt was anorexic for too long, now her systems shutting down, so shes been in the ICU for weeks, litterally on the verge of dying yet somehow hanging in there, my dad is handycapped and hes intirely way to young for that yet. Ive got my own medical problems i dont feel like discussing...ever...with anyone. (so dont ask) but i may need to be hospitalized, when i grow the balls to go to the doctor, which im afraid of.
My grandma left michigan already because she has to babysit in Texas because my aunt is a worthless cunt that made my g-ma move so she could babysit for her.
My sister is shaking and puking according to her journal but apparently got better.
My moms just plain old mean. I have to live with her firends because im not allowed to live with her. so im in the basement doing laundry and i heard my mom say "you shouldnt let him use your laundry soap he should have to buy his own." not thinking of the food they give me, the stuff they buy me, and all that other shit because she WONT. Not that she cant, she WONT.
I also heard her say i shouldnt go to Green Bay because i might fuck their daughters, which, for one, i wouldnt do. and for two, she should shut her fucking mouth. they are taking me on vacation with them, which they do every summer, just their kids, and said they want me to come too, and my moms telling them all this bad shit im going to do if i go.
Then, on top of that, i asked my mom if i could borrow some money to get work clothes and she said no.
Then later i asked her for a little money for the trip because i want clothes she said no as well.
So i am going on vacation with NO money.
I cant get a job, because marquette sucks. I applied everywhere. Nobody cares. Beard, bad name. dont hire.
Everyones mad at me.
Nobody even fucking talks to me!

i go though intirly way to much bullshit everyday from my "family" and "friends".
I just want it to stop.
I want to move away again, but i dont know where to move now.

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im pissed, annoyed, sad, mad, and all around horrid. heres a survey!

Name: chris
Age: 18
Chinese Zodiac Sign: idk
Does it fit you?
Western Zodiac Sign: scorpio?
Does it fit you? i suppose
What do you think is your best quality? i dont think i have one
What do others think is your best quality? ha
What do you thinks your best physical feature? my moose cock
What do others think? same

thongs: no
flip-flops: no
halter tops: No
shoes: yes
hats: no
gloves: of metal
mittens: no
uggs: what?
rainboots when it isn't rainy: No

Do you know who Rufus Wainwright is? Do you like him? no
Elton John? Do you like him? no
Bright Eyes? Do you like him? no
Conor Oberst? no
Ashlee Simpson? no
Ryan Cabrera? no
Oscar Cabrera? no
Willie Nelson? no
Modest Mouse? No
Franz Ferdinand? No
The Shins? nope
The Knack? no
Kurt Cobain? no
Dave Grohl? no
Weezer? no
Hole? no
My Chemical Romance? no.
Of these people/bands, do you like any of them? no
Who else do you like? Im picky.
What would you say is your "theme song?" Gloves of metal by AC
Would others say that it's something different? i dont care
If yes, what would they say? I dont care
How would you classify the music that you listen to? Punk / grindcore
What is your favorite radio station? i hate the radio
Favorite DJ? none
MTV VJ? Fuck mtv
VH1 VJ? fuck vh1
Music television station? 51

Do you watch Desperate Housewives? No
Veronica Mars? No
Gilmore Girls? No
Yu-Gi-Oh? No
InuYasha? no
Summerland? No
The OC? No
One Tree Hill? No
7th Heaven? No
Beauty and the Geek? no sounds gay
American Idol? No
America's Next Top Model? No.
American Dreams? No.
Everwood? no
Baywatch? no
The Mountain? no
Law and Order? No.
The Osbournes? no, if i wanted to watch a retard i would look in the mirror
Meet the Barkers? No
Meet the Family? No
Married...With Children? no
The Cosby Show? no
Cosby? no
Kids Say the Darndest Things? no
What other shows do you like? adult swim, only futurama and family guy though. and reno 911
Do you have cable? yes
How do you feel about soaps? gay
Or do you call them "stories?" I call them gay

What is your favorite book? please kill me
Favorite author? john lidon
Poet? patti smith
Bookstore chain? bookworld
Independent bookstore? idk
Publishing company? dont care

Do you believe in God? no
Are you Christian? Which sect? none
Jewish? ha...right
Buddhist? No
Hindu? No
Muslim? No.
Do you think religion should be allowed in government? no

Do you have a party? Which one? all suck
Who did you support in the 1999 race? i dont know
2004? green
Who do you think you will support in 2008? not bush's cult fucking republicans yuck
Did you vote in 2004? No
Will you vote in 2008? yes
Do you believe in same-sex marriage? Yes
Atheist rights? yes
Abortion rights? yes
Death penalty? no
Private ownership of weapons? Yes, but only for kids under the age of 6
Automatic or semi-auto weapons being avaliable to the average person? Read the above.
War? No.

Approx. how long did this survey take? Maybe like, 10 mins?
Did you think it was annoying? if i did, wouldnt i quit? Fuck you.

Xx Friends xX
Nicest? idk
Funniest? uhh... kyle.
Friendliest? depends
Best shoulder to cry on? My own
Hottest? me
Sexiest? me!
Best? idk
Most likely to go to jail? me again i suppose
Most likely to bail you out of jail? ha nobody
Tallest? kyle
Shortest? kris the midget
Blondest (hair color)? uhh?
Blondest (personality)? all
Smartest? zack
Dumbest? idk
Creepiest? me, according to most people
Ugliest? idk
Most Hyper? idk
Who you swear was your brother/sister separated at birth? ash
Xx Love Life xX
Do you want a bf/gf? what?
Have you ever been dumped? yes
Have you ever dumped someone? Yes
Have you ever cheated on someone? Yes
Have you ever been cheated on? Yes
Who was your first kiss? i dont care
How many bfs/gfs have you had? i dont know

Xx Who Comes to Mind When You Hear ... xX
Moo: a cow...frankie
Quack: alex
Banana: my cock
Peanut Butter: dog
Potatoes: idk
Apple: what a stupid question
Ding-Dong: fuck off
P.I.M.P: joe
Babe: fuck off
Freak: fuck off
Dude: fuck you

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so, as normal, today started out bad again. then i went online and got like an invitation thing with a compliment, that wasent realy a complement but somehwat of one, and now im better.
I cant go into town like planned because i keep having heat problems like i get sick or something, and its like 5000 degrees out there right now, so im sorta bummed. but im going into town soon no matter what. like tomorrow or the next day.
Fuck Harvey.