July 7th, 2005

what if i told you to fuck off?!

I kill children
i make mothers cry
i kill children
i like to watch them diiii eeeee

Have you ever wanted to die? of course you have

Im bored, cant go to town, cant see anyone i want to see, stuck in fuckland. hows that sound kids?
Fuck you! I highly think NOT.

I saw chris hillier today, he had a shirt on that looked cool, and ide like to hear the band, but dont remember the name of it now. Nocturnal emmisiions i believe. But idk, im fucking dumb.

Can we say... Mass Genocide, kiddies?

heh... corrupt pre-schoolers into thinking they are in WW3 and they need to kill their familys to live would be fun. But i dont have that kind of time. I have bigger, more important things to work on right now.

Like making funny penis lightswitch covers for every lightswitch in this house, and all of harvey. Sounds easy with a photocopier, but breaking into each individual house to put them on doesent sound so fucking easy. does it? No it doesent.

I want to watch that show were they go into bedrooms and if they like the underwear the find they go out with the whore. I dont know when its on, or the channel though.
Somone hook me up with the info?

Maybe not, ide rather watch faces of death... the marquette edition.

Faces of death gone wild! watch these amature barly legal babes get there limbs blown off caught on camera! Uncut and uncensored raw flesh quirting out of places youve never seen before! only 9.99! this is a once in a lifetime oportunity!

anyone got a cig?

(no subject)

Fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you all
How the fuck do you tell me
How to fuckin' do this song
You'll never lead my life
So you'll never understand
Why the fuck I do the things
That I do everyday

Don't come up to me
Don't you say that i am wrong
You can take your stupid
Love and peace power
I'm in love with cigs
All you fuckin' bastards
Can just fuckin'go away
'Cause you make me sick to my brain

Fuck you, Fuck you
Fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck youfuck you all

All you fuckin' bastards
Try to make me sick
Every fuckin' chance you can
You try to make me fall
Every fuckin' chance you can
You try to preach to me
But you'll never understand
I just wanna be ME

YOU are leavin', leavin' OUR time
So do it fuckin' now
Every fuckin' now
Every fuckin' chance you can
You just bring me down
I can't take no more
Of all your fuckin' bullshit
So All I hate to say to you now is

Fuck you, Fuck you
Fuck you All

I don't like your kind
I never liked it before
So why why don't you just
Go away and fuckin' die now

I just had enough of it
I'm really sick of the brats
So listen all of you this time

Fuckin' just let me be
Gonna go smoke and
You're not gonna get to me
Gonna fuckin' break some botlle
And not gonna give a damn
I'm just gonna make my own Rules

Fuck you Fuck you
Fuck you ..All
Fuck you All!!!

I hate the whole fuckin'
Fuckin' stupid world
Every single time I realize
That I hate every fuckin' life
You never led my life
You'll never understand
Why I have to lead the life
That I fuckin' lead
Why you fuckin think you understand
MY fuckin' way of life
But you'll never understand ME
Fuck you...Fuck you All!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!