July 6th, 2005

(no subject)

i went to alex's house this morning then got an assload of applications.
Im sick of people acting wierd around me, it really pisses me off.
Im tired of people not talking to me or thinking im scary when theres no fucking reason to.
Im sick of people being surprized when i do something right.
Im tired of getting older and poorer.
I wish I wasent getting older so i could still do what i want.
Im sick of people getting shit for free.
Im bored of the same old shit.
I like riding bikes really far away to new places.
like Negannee maybe.
Im sick of old cunts getting in my way, then getting mad when i call them an old cunt.
I dont like hills
I dont like the heat.
I hate it when people dont respond to emails.
I dont like not getting comments on myspace.
I dont like writing anything to anyone, if they dont comment back, for that matter.
I like my crass backpatch. Its a lot better than yours.
greatest journal is proof nothings ever good enough for stupid americans.
I like the Marquette rest stop on the road to harvey, and i like the scenic outlook behind it a lot more.
I fully intend on going there tomorrow.
I dont like it when alex isnt online. Its harder to make plans that way.
Alex- Im showing up at your house, or place of alex interest tomorrow. Im not sure of the time. dont wait around, ill find you.
Im sick of not being able to afford ciggarettes.
I hate bleach blonde cunts.
Girls with mohawks are NOT sexy.
I want iced tea, and i have some. i just have to make it
I hate it when my tea isnt already made.
I like movies about punk rock.
At the same time, i hate them.
Im beginning to think punk is stupid.
Then again, im an idiot.
Were perfect for eachother (punk, and I)
Im sick of people painting Oxymoron on their jacket.
Im sick of people that wear spiked collars.
Im sick of stupid new punk.

Im pissy.