July 4th, 2005

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i changed my mind, im not bettering myself.
today at the parade i puked like...18 times. luckily they gave me a ride home after the parade and i layed on a bed untill someone came in. i always get sick. im never ever healthy.

my tummy hurts i dont know why or whats wrong. i hate that
i had called my mom to tell her i wasent gonna be there and she didnt answer her cell, then she called me later and said "what is wrong now" instead of hi or anything then bitched at me because other people called her too. fucking cunt. fuck off.
i dont want ANYONE around me right now, which is odd, because i usually do want people by me when im sick in fear of dying or something, but not today.
apparently alex, whitney, and kelly were at the lower harbor. they told me that right away.
Maybe they WERENT puking at the parade before hand?

Happy fourth, and piss off

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if the punx, are united
they will never, be divided
fast and loud our sound is strong
young and old singing along
all around this fucking world
underground punk will be strong
together we survive- punx unite!
divided we will die- punx unite!
together we survive- punx unite!
divided we will die- unite! unite!
no divisions or tribal wars
no more fighting at thoe shows
drinking together singing songs
underground punk will be strong
writing zines, getting involved
forming bands, setting up shows
no more posers at the shows
underground punk will be strong