July 2nd, 2005

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im gonna go listen to agoraphobic nosebleed untill i get a nosebleed. I bet it is possible if up loud enough.
some songs put AC to shame.
Im A little better than i was this morning when i posted the comment. a few friends were able to cheer me up hxc, and im better now. Although, it is the time of reconning, something im not particularly excited for.
Im sorry, what choice did i have?

Im not sad, or worried, just... I dont know.

Can we say.... mountain dew?

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Name: skummy
Age: 18
Location: marquette michigan
Sexual Preference/Marital Status: straight, but who cares
Body Modifications: tattoos, i have a few piercings, nipples, tounge ect.
Favorite Movies: whatever really, i like comedy
Favorite Bands: AC, Agoraphobic nosebleed, misfits, dk, anti-nowhere league, ect, street crust oi! old school, pop punk, ska all punk really
Favorite Lyric: i kicked you, your babys dead!
Hobbies: music, chilling with friends, going to shows ect.
Likes: music, good people, good shows, good music, punk rock bond
Dislikes: opposite
What do you think about the
Government: fuck it, nothing i can do ab out it
Aboration: dont care, up to whoever has the kid, none of my buisness
Drugs: i dont do em, i dont care who does
Media: lies, bullshit
Promote us to at least 2 places ( post the 2 links here):
( Pictures alteast 3):

i dont have pic links ready off hand, accept me, cool. if not, fuck you
i fucking hate how punk are you applications