June 29th, 2005

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I tattood that onto punk rock joes arm the last day isaw him. Along with an anarchy sign on his arm. he already have PUNX on his hand. they all looked pretty good. I miss that kid, we would have fun pissing off people for hours. nobody likes that around here it seems. like the construction guy, i wanted to play wizo really loud to annoy him, but nobody else would let me. he would let me. in fact knowing him, hed probably get out of the car and hump him to death.
Kid had cool hair too.
I need a job to pay for my car so that paul doesent freak out. he never even gave me the title so i think he should shut the fuck up and get his own shit together. he already threatened me with the mafia. What, the marquette mafia? probably that stupid harv town mafia thing that some stupid freshman girl made up.
Like im gonna steal a 300 dollor sunbird anyways. I mean, i love the car, but there are fancier cars to steal. and i cant rip off a guy with a kid, thats just wrong.
Basically, if anything adds ANY and, i MEAN ANY stress onto me tomorrow, like what happened today, I WILL PULL A FUCKING MASS GENOCIDE AND MARQUETTE WILL BE F U C K I N G GONE.
Remember that kids.
if that kid doesent show up to fight me tomorrow ill be pissed too.
muthafawka, if ya really feelin' froggy, then leap!
Im willing to fight the guy with a spranged wrist. A right one at that, like i dont know for sure its spranged, but i can move it, and it hurts like CRAZY, its like a tight burning stinging pain no matter what i do with it. But yeah, ill fight the motherfucker. I spranged my wrist punching, why not sprang it some more punching?! Ha!
Ive been working out. Alex already knows of my ass kicking powers, when needed, well times it by 5 kiddo cuz im working out like crazy. And when i work out, i gain muscle daily too. Im not kidding, I can go from flat stomach to a 6 pack in like a week and a half if i try hard enough, which i have been. My arms are a lot bigger now, like even noticeably. Its because i lift the hand wieghts, started out at 30 per arm, and thats fairly easy, you know, but if you do it over and over it shows. besides, 30 is the highest we have. then i beat the living shit out of the punching bag, and listen to unseen or anal cunt while doing so, it helps. Then push ups and sit ups like a mad man. I do all these while im alone in my "club" as i call it. We have a pretty good sized wieght room with wieghts and work out machines. So im taking advantage of that. Not to mention riding the bike. I rode it 8? miles today, as fast as i could, which isnt much, but it was enough, and fun. I like riding bikes, with music.
Although, i had a tight ass shirt on, like normal really, and tight black pants, on a bike. so i probably looked like a typical biker, but i was smoking while riding and listening to Anal Cunt. How unhealthy, yet healthy at the same time. haha
I f'n rock.
I wish my viens showed more.
Im not doing this for anything particular, i just want to become a human ass kicking machine. I want to randomly kick jocks asses, daily. just beat the shit out of huge people. thats my goal, and small people, people the same size, or a little bigger are already fine, thats covered. Im talking about huge people. I wanna massacre them.
Thats all for today folks. tata

assorted pictures (oi!'s not fat)

do you like the star? i painted it myself :) anyways, this is my sexi car

the 07 like what! and the peace signs on the tires. (not my idea)

random stickers i put on the back, and a smiley face i painted

this is my "look how punk i am as i flip u off" picture. whats up now?!

im in a band, where i scream, like the guy from anal cunt almost.


and again

yet again...

who has brass knuckles, ill give u a hint... me.

i know i know, i already posted this

and this, but hey, fuck off!