June 26th, 2005

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What is your stand on.....

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Abortion? i wouldnt do it, but if its needed, then it should be fine. its a persons choice really.
Death Penalty? If a person decides to kill someone and then the judge decides he should die for it, then the judge should die too.
Prostitution? If it works for someone, leave it be
Alcohol? I think its an overrated excuse for people to have fun, but its also none of my buisness
Marijuana? same as above, and its like a vacuum cleaner for your walet
Other drugs? Dont care, to each their own
Gay marriage? That shouldnt even be a question, anyone should be able to get married or be with someone no matter who else states there opinion
Illegal immigrants? Why dont you ask an indian?
Smoking? To each their own
Drunk driving? Ide like to smash a drunk drivers head off their windshield
Cloning? what?!
Racism? same as anything, if someones racist, i dont give a fuck. if they arent racist, i dont give a fuck.
Premarital sex? I dont care either way
Religion? ha
The war in Iraq? see above
Bush? Satan
Downloading music? Is better than buying it.
The legal drinking age? Should be lowered to 12, so that by the time you can drive legally you are done partying (some other country did it and the drunk driving deaths in teens plummeted to near 0) <- alex
Porn? its...porn?
Suicide? Pathetic
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ive been writing songs like crazy, then hididng them, then forgetting where it is i hid them, then losing them, then writing more because of it, then re-losing them. I SUCK!
But they sucked, so it might be a good thing.
La de da de da la de da

Alex might quote me on something that f'n rocks because i f'n rock so f'n much yo
Im having an interesting online conversation with kelly. probably the wierdest online conversation ive ever had lol

its neat, nobody ever talks to me online but alex. and we just talk about music lol

Today i punched a punching bag till i couldnt move my hand properly. It was pretty neat

maybe, if your lucky, ill post the intire conversation and exploit us both