June 24th, 2005

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well now, who wouldve known?!
first i start out by geting a car (well withina few days) and now im talking to reverend NORB!!! online!!!

Come on, who kicks fucking ass?! me!

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well now!
Im friends with reverend norb! we talk online!
I got my car today! i payed 80 fucking dollars for it and still owe a bit, and its not the car i wanted. this is a ....
Pontiac Sunbird!! A ghetto car!
its light BLUE!!!!!!
I spraypainted a red and white star on the front hood thing, a 07 on each of the front doors, a smily face on the trunk, and peace signs on the tires!!! I have a lot of stickers on it!! It runs good!


Kelly! i cant come to the show thing tomorrow because were gonna be at the crash thing! so i dont know how i forgot, i must just be an idiot. Im sorry and ill call you later, but when i called you earlier i had the wrong number or something they didnt know who i was. I felt dumb
But i have a car!!!!!1

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my friend *caugh* REVEREND NORB *caugh* sent me the lyrics to a song cuz i couldnt find them online, he called me "dude" and thanked me for liking a song he wrote because the leghounds didnt like it.

Thats what I fucking thought!