June 18th, 2005

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oh bondage, up yours!

Im so bloody bored.

And i shall be, for quite a while im assuming. 3rd day of pure boredom now. But tonight my adoptive mom, my real mom, my adoptive dad, and my step dad are going to party i guess which is fun, because they are loud as fuck all night and sing like crazy, and im gonna make them a cd in a minute with a bunch of mfgg and x-ray spex, and other shit that they can listen to. my adoptive mom likes a lot of punk, like bts and she even likes anal cunt which is cool, so she will listen to it. she loves mindless self indulgence.
so i should have fun tonight.
last night my adoptive parents got drunk and a black guy came over and looked at me sorta mean at first, because im a skin of course, and he was black, probably not assuming i just started michigans SHARP lol

But he seemed to lighten up when we talked for a while, and realized im not actually racist. lol
then when he left he shook my hand and shit, and i guess i didnt shake it tiht enough so he did some sort of ghetto handshake to me i didnt know before, and he said "thats better, the first one was so soft i was thinking about taking you home with me" and i laughed. it was silly.
In a minute im gonna go shower:)
first time in 3 f'n days yo. Im getting dirty, and i like it. but i dont know if my new family does.

I make them laugh a lot with wierd shit. tonight i have a plan when its dinner time. Im gonna be eating then say "By golly, i think i got a chubby!" in an english accent. I dont remember what gave me the idea but it sounds fun.

Cant wait:)
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    x-ray spex- oh bondage, up yours!

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i have a lot of family members, yet still no family.
i have a lot of aquantences, yet no friends.
i basically have everything that nothing has to offer.
the only blood relative i had was my mom and sister, but i dont know how long my moms going to last with me.
my sister on the other hand, well thats my family tree.
i have an adopptive family tree, but it doesent count.

ftw- tiger army

i cant say i blame anyone, but myself.

i shouldnt be a drifter though ill tell you that right now, im way to young.

did i mention i have no future?