June 17th, 2005


im bored.
ive been bored for a while.
alex dont bitch at me i couldnt get to yer house or i would have. ill try to get there asap.
I signed up for would you hit this thing and nobody would. making me suck.
I want to go to a concert, or a show, or a movie. but i cant because the concerts suck, shows suck, and i cant get a job in time to afford going to a movie
thats my head right now.

My dads a fucking idiot. i heard the stupidist thing in the world today and its about him.

chain mail is gay.
i miss you is quite offen misused, hence the boredom. cant complain, 50% my fault.
I like the beach
i dont like ashlees work schedule.
fathers day is comming, but i wont get presents because im not a father.
Leather jackets are cool
I want a few more.
internet can be gay, and i dont like shoes.
fuck that!
kiss my ass
blow me.
dogs are lucky when it comes to getting laid.
I dont care though, not at all.

and last but not least... in fact, most important one yet............

Why the fuck do i even bother?!