June 10th, 2005

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my name is: chris
What time is it now?: 920
height?: 5'11

Person that makes u laugh the most? Nobody

makes you smile? dee

easier to talk to? all

Do you save aol/aim conversations? when needed

smoke cigarettes? im quitting...later

Obsessive? Over some things i suppose

how many people are on your buddy list? 12

drink alchohol? fuck no

do drugs?? fuck no sXe

Do you like anyone? Yes

Have you ever thought of being gay? No, but i thought i might be, then realized that some girls just suck.

Are you lonely? nope

Love or lust and why? i dont know what lust is

The most boring book you ever read: Mien Kamph

A word you'll never say: breast.

What was the worst thing that happened to you today? none.

In your entire life, what is the worst thing that's happend to you? getting stalked by large black gay men

have you ever kissed anyone: depends on how you mean

Have you ever heard of NeoPets? fuck yes.
Do you play NeoPets? fuck no

How many tv’s do you have in your house? 5

Do you like thrift stores? I love them

Do you own a pair of Doc Martens? Wierd Yeah

Are you in school? no im at home

Do you enjoy school? ha

What do you think of Jerry Springer? queer

Do you think you'll ever go to Ireland? maybe

have you ever experienced deja vu? yes.

What makes me want to do these surveys? Satan's online survey possesion controlling every computer move i make.

What is your favorite type of music? punk

If you could change your name, what would you change it to? Idk

What do you do when: telemarketers, phone companies, Random Boy, ad agencies, call your home and bother you? : dont answer

Would you rather have a permanent three day weekend consisting of Mondays off of work/school or Fridays off of work/school? Fridays

Who would frighten you the most to be alone in a dark alley with? Hannibal Lecter from Silence of the Lambs", the killer in "Seven", or Janet Reno?: Killer from Seven.

Do you know who any of these people are? L. Frank Baum, Estelle Getty, Soleil Moon Frye? nope

How many different colors have you died your hair? : every color but i couldnt get it perfectly white

What is the longest you have gone without a shower? : 18 years

Girls: have you ever peed outside and not had toilet paper to wipe?: Yeah

Sweet or sour? sweet

Have you ever fallen UP the stairs?? : nope but i tripped

rain is good whenever as long as there is no thunder or lightining? : what

If you were going to be the opposite sex, what would your name have been? : probably something gay. like ashlee

how old do you look? : ugly as fuck. and i look stupid. i hate myself

How old do you act? : 1

What's the last song you sang? : idk

What did you do yesterday? : hung out with dee and ash

Today? : Same as above

What are your plans for the weekend? same as above

Do you sing in the shower? : No

When is the last time you cried? : I dont know

Does anything on your body itch right now? : balls

What color is the carpet in your bedroom? : White

If your house was on fire and you could only save one item what would you save? : jacket
Who was your first best friend?: ashlee (how embarrasing for you)

When did you meet?: we were fetuses

Are you still friends?: i live at her house

How long have you been friends?: 17 years

Who is the next person you'll buy a b-day gift for? : nobody damnit

Whats your fave number?: 7

Where is your favorite place to go on vacation? : none

What's your favorite animal?: snakes and cats

Do you like playing truth or dare? : yes

Who is the person that knows the most about you? : nobody knows everything, i would be killed for sure

Funniest Joke you ever heard? : something about beating your wife

Saddest movie? : Anything hillary duff is in
Scariest movie? : same as above
Last movie you saw in the theate? : like dictionary of space or something

When's the last time you rode a bike? : last summer probably

What's it like outside? : dark

Last concert you went to? : flogging molly, catch 22, ducky boys

Next concert you are going to\want to go to? :Subhumans, but i want to see boris the sprinkler sooo bad

Do you know how to wash clothes? : yes

Do you have any piercings? : ears, nipples, tounge

What do you wear to work? : no job yet

Can you touch your toes without bending your knees? : yes

Do you like your friends? : Yes, and im very picky about trust and shit

Who has hurt you the most? : nobody, because people dont deserve that

Restaurant you hate?: most.


Food you couldn't live without? tacos

favorite chip?: salt and viniger or tortilla chips

favorite veggy?: uh oh... i love all vegies but my fav is probably yellow peppers on subs or carrots plain

whats ur favorite fruit?: kiwi, bannanas

What do you like on your hamburger? : ketchup, mayo, mustard, cheese, onions, tomatos, lettuse, pickles, yellow peppers

What's your favorite flavor of ice cream? : peanut butter chocolate type

What is your favorite soda? : anything red

Milk or OJ? : orange juice

How do you like your eggs? : scrambled on toast, although poached eggs are fucking sweet

Waffles or pancakes?: pancakes

Do you like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches?: yes

If so, what kind of jelly do you like on it?: lemon

Have you ever died your hair with Kool Aide? : yes it sucks

If you could be a kind of cereal....what kind would you be? : i dont know

Do you like those soft pretzels from like Hot Sam's??? : yes but too much salt

How do you like your baked potato? : Butter, nacho cheese, bacon bits and sour cream.

Ever stolen a pretzel from Hot Sam's? : No

Ever picked something off the floor or out of the trash and ate it?: well, i lived by a frito lay factory in maine, and when a bag of chips from a crate full popped open they threw out the whole crate. so each day the dumpster would be completly full. That night, we emptied it:)

Do you like hot dogs or sausages better? : cheesedogs.

Whats your fav band\singer? Boris the Sprinkler/ Reverend Norb

Fav song? hmm... Screaming Demon Marsians

How long have you liked the band? A year, maybe? Sence I heard my first BTS song, anyhow

How long has the song been your fav? since I heard it

Whats the first song you remember liking? umm, I think it was some song by tone loc

Whats the first band you remember liking? Tone Loc

First band you remember hating? Country, any and all

Band you hate now? Pop bands that arent pop punk, And emo sucks.

Fav band before the one you like now? Dead Kennedys

Fav song before the one you like now? You were pregnant so I kicked you in the Stomach- Anal Cunt

Whats your fav type of music? Punk

If you couldn’t listen to that type of music what would you do? umm... nothing?

What would you listen to instead? Ide invent punk.

Do you and your friends have the same taste in music? To an extent, a lot of my friends are more into metal

In your car who controls the radio? i dont have a car

Whats the dorkyist band you have liked? Boris The Sprinkler, MC Paul (paulehluiah)

Teacher you hated: All?

What was the name of your grade school? Meadowbrook (green bay wisconsin) and Sandy Knoll (Marquette Michigan)

Did you ever transfer? yeah from state to state

Did you ever go to Sunday School? I went to ccd, does it show?

What was your favorite subject? I liked writing

Who was your favorite teacher? Mr. Weed.

Did you have to wear a uniform? Fuck no

Did you have siblings in your grade school? My sister yeah

Did your 8th grade class ever have a reunion? no, and if there was one, i wouldnt go

Did you like gym class? nope i failed for not changing. did you know, that if you dont take your pants off like the teachers tell you to, you can fail and not letting them look at your young boy body can effect your GPA for the rest of your life? Sick motherfuckers and their horrid corrupt ways.

What was your favoite game in gym? I didnt play because i didnt strip for my teacher

Did you ever buy lunch in school? i got free lunch

What was\is the name of your high school? Marquette Senior high School, Homeschooled for the most part

Did you get detention a lot? yeah

Are you still friends with people from high school? not many of my friends put up with the high school shit, or are still attending

Were you part of any clubs or sports? Uhh No.

Were you popular? Incredibly popular. EVERYONE knows who i am, but not in a good way it seems

Did you care? Nope fuck them

What was\is in your locker? a bomb ;)

Did you get into any fights? ha! never

Did you have a reunion? no

Did you go? nope

What colleges did/will you apply to? none

what hurts the most, physical or emotional pain?: Emotional depending on with who and why

When you cried the most: i dont know

Worst Feeling: losing something important to you, or someone, or the thought of it happening one day, and praying it wont happen. then realizing you may be praying to something that doesent exsist, then worrying about that, then feeling hopeless, because what happens is bound to happen, then go back to being parinoid all over again and then seeing the extra stress you just caused on yourself for absolutly nothing. I wish i could shut my brain off sometimes lol

List 5 things that you don't care about:
1. Other opinions BY PEOPLE THAT DONT MATTER. i want my friends to like me.
2. what happens to pee when you flush it
3. when milk goes bad
4. stepping on bugs
5. dirt

What movie do you think was really stupid? most

What song are you sick of hearing? Ohhhhh boy....

What is the ugliest name?: idk

Your least favorite scented lotion: all i dont like lotion on me

Describe a person you don't like: Snobby, prissy, emo bitch

Car that you think is ugly? pt cruisers

Do you hate...

reading? nope
watching TV? no

going to work? no i wish i could

going shopping? No

eating? i dont like eating

talking on the phone? sort of

Victorian tea parties? yes

tourists? Yeah Marquette fucking tripples in size during winter and summer, its only regular in spring and summer

What time is it now? 11:19 lol
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    Live Fast diahrea- VANDALS!!!!!

not the big one, a small new one.

I AM: chris
I WANT: kiwi
I HAVE: a laptop
I WISH: for kiwi?
I HATE: shit!
I MISS: nothing right now
I FEAR: Guns
I HEAR: The news
I WONDER: i dont know
I REGRET: 1 thing
I LOVE: Taco Bell?
I ACHE: no, i don't really ache
I ALWAYS: breathe
I AM NOT: a dog
I DANCE: horribly
I SING: a lot?
I CRY: tears.
I WRITE: in this livejournal
I WIN: A kitty
I LOSE: the kitty, then win another!
I CONFUSE: the hell out of people
I NEED: a job
I SHOULD: be doing something productive
I WILL: do something productive eventually


You keep a diary: sort of, your reading it
You like to cook: yes
You have a secret you have not shared with anyone: yes
You set your watch a few minutes ahead: no
You believe in love: yes


The weirdest person you know: Nobody is wierd because its an imainary word
The loudest person you know: probably me. sorry
The person that knows the most about you: Everyone, i dont shut up. EVER
Your crush: ;)

Take a shower everyday: yes
Think you know you've been in love: yes?
Want to get married: yeah
Have any tattoos/where: yeah a lot
Piercings/where: yes
Get motion sickness: not very often
Think you're a health freak: no
Get along with your parents: not really, but my mom yes
Like thunderstorms: love em


Ryan: upstairs nieghbor in maine
Rob: punk rock rob
Drew: no
Heather: stupid goth
Will: dumb ass anticlass
Paul: nope
Eve: 6
John: guy that vieo taped himself fingering his asshole then jacked off to it. oh and he sucked his ass fingers too. Fucking fag
Laura: braces
Alex: stoner
Justin: pregnant
Ricky: gay
Jacob: morman
Jack: off
Graham: cracker
Lisa: Stupid slut


EYE COLOR: brown
PARENTS: michelle beard, cliff beard, joe Alexander, Beckie Alexander, nancy Graffam
SIBLINGS: Katie Beard
LIVE WITH: Joe Alexander, beckie Alexander, Dee and Ashlee


COLOR: red
DAY: friday
MONTH: october
SONG: screaming demon marsians
FOOD: tacos
SEASON: fall

SPORT: hockey
DRINK: iced tea
VEGGIE: carrots, UHg they are all good


CUDDLE OR MAKE OUT: cuddle. idont make out


HELPED SOMEONE: yes i help beckie and joe as much as possible