June 2nd, 2005

fill this out if yer my friend okay


1. Give me your number?

2. Let me hug anytime i wanted to?

3. Let me kiss you?

4. Watch a movie with me...even a really sappy one?

5. Let me take you out to dinner?

6. Drive me somewhere/anywhere?

7. Take a shower with me?

8. Be my bf/gf?

9. Have a fling with me?

10. Listen to me if I called you crying even if you were out with all of your friends?

11. Buy me a drink if i didnt have money?

12. Take me home for the night?

13. Would you let me sleep in your bed?

14. Sing kareoke w/ me?

15. Sit in the doctors office with me because I didn't want to go alone?

16. Re-post this for me to answer your questions?

17. Come pick me up at 3 am because my car ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere?

18. Do you think im cute or hot?

19. Do you like my style?

20. Do you think im funny?

21. Do you care about me?

22. Would you cry if i died?

23. Would you stop me if i tried to commit suicide?

24. Would you dance with me?

25. Would you sing happy birthday to me?

27. Would u marry me?

29. Do me in a public place?

31. Take advantage of me if I was drunk?

32. Strip for me?
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    skrewdriver- skinhead romper stomper


So, i look like a fucking skinhead. my heads completly shaved, and hell...why not? theres no skins in marquette. Sence i got my head shaved everyone is nicer, and old men think im the coolest fucking thing int he world. or they think i have cancer, so they are nice. either way, its cool. Alex is happy because theres no other skinheads, making me the most punk rock person in marquette, but little did he know, i already am.
Next up on the punk rock list is "oi punk kyle" the "oi punk" that listens to nothing but antiflag and other horrid music. Lets try...sell out pop punk kyle, better?
Now, heres why i COULD if i WANTED TO fit into the skinhead scene.
-brass knuckles
-im loud
-i spit a lot
-i love oi! music, and know what oi! means.
-cock sparrer is probably the coolest band ever.
-im not racist, but love skrewdriver
-i have a short temper, resulting in kicking screaming or just down right punching

So, i read about typical skins, not wanting to look like someone i dont agree with. Skins are hardworking, loud people that love ska and reggae and fight a lot. and they always hang out with punks and kick peoples asses. They are NOT racist, but they like a lot of racist music. The boots are because skins origionally wore hand-downs from their fathers work clothes closet. Hence, boots, braces, jackets, wife beaters, ect.
Most people take skins the wrong way.
Skinheads were around before punks, they are a spirit of 69 thing, but i think without punks, nobody would have noticed anyways.
Op ivy was a skinhead band, as is rancid, cock sparrer, gg allin, cockney rejects, sham 69.

Heres a song i love.

Pulling on the boots and tightening up the laces
Shaving their heads and stepping on their faces
There you are a skinhead, looking for a fight
Skinhead, skinhead, running through the night
Skinhead, skinhead, running through the night
Making lots of trouble, starting lots of fights
Skinhead, skinhead, getting really pissed
Skinhead, skinhead, tatted on my wrist!
Waiting in the lane way, waiting for the scum
Especially yellow faces kick their fucking bum
When they plee for mercy, we will show none
Skinhead, skinhead, 'til the job is done
Skinhead, skinhead, putting on the boot
Looking for a street fight, looking for a route
Skinhead, skinhead, running through the fights
Skinhead, skinhead, stompin' on your face!
When the coppers see us, at first they pull the gun
But when they see us come towards, then they start to run
When we wear our badges it make us feel proud
Skinhead, skinhead, shout it out loud!

Skinhead, skinhead, skinhead, skinhead

god damnroller bladers

i hd a lot of fun yesterday.

First i woke up and went to school with alex, then stiig drive us to target. we got blank cds and went to someother stores and around the island.
I nearly killed the guy at BK, well i wanted to anyways. alex needed to calm me down before i jumped over the counter and strangled that motherfucker.
I got ticks all over me, but it was worth it, none got on my dick, thank god.

I got home and took a shower, i smelled like a fat kid in a football field for some reason.

I skanked/ slam danced untill i eventually fell over.
i saw a turtle in the dirt road but we didnt stop.
I road in the back of stiigs truck going fast on a bumpy dirt road witha lot of curves with alex. and the gas pissed me off because it was falling.
we got a hella headache from gas fumes from the stupid gas tank that kept falling so we went back in and stiig said "you guys smell like gas" lol
Alex showed me a picture and a comment by a stupid cunt and Those FLOWERS ARE PRETTY FUCKING PUNK ROCK ALEX YOU POSER. HAHA some idiots are idiots. idk if he will remember. but i got a comment like that too by the same idiot. read the skinhead post.

Fucking women are worthless.

I have yet to go to the BK in mqt and say hi to kelly, but i probably wont anyhow. Ill probably say something stupid like "hi kelly, you fucking suck" cuz thats how i am latly.

I think im done.

Hockey player jock homophobe guy said he would kicki my ass, yet ignored me at alex's school, along with another kid who was going to as well, no body did though... makes you wonder.