May 20th, 2005

im worried

the next future of this world, me. Scary, but i dont fucking care. whats the generation after me?

Well, You can find the newest generation making quizzes on Most of them are "which member of good charlotte are you?" when, they arent, in fact, IN good charlotte.
But, the ones making GC quizzes like faggot dumbasses are the smartest.
Did you know that they have one called....

EYES COLD AS ICE, a draco malfoy love story.

Draco malfoy is the "villain" in Harry Potter, for you that dont know.

Who's worried?

When i have a kid, if they make a stupid quiz on that stupid website im kick their stupid ass and direct them to a porn website.


I took a how punk are you one, and i was curiouse, to see if they REALLY knew how punk i *caugh* am.
The questions ranged from...

what bands do you like?
do you skateboard?
do you like good charlotte?

Well, i didnt like any of the bands that kid wrote, so i didnt put any.( GC, Simple plan, green day)
I dont skateboard.
oh, and no, i dont headbang in the moshpit.

So, Im not punk at all, im a prep, and he made fun of me in the answer, sayoing he is the REAL punk and hes going to kick my poser ass..


If my kid likes mtv punk, im going to kick his stupid ass and send his stupid ass to a porn website.