April 26th, 2005

you fucking cunt

on the 5th of may im getting a laptop and internet. im also getting a new email address and new journal for maine, like starting over almost. it may be pretty cool. i made new friends, im in a whole new scene now sorta.
theres punk rock joe, hes the guy i typically hang out with here. heres known around here for smashing the republican windows out with a brick while people were still in there, among many other things.
then rob, he looks like clint times 2, mostly because of his mohawk, which is huge, and green.
stevie, his hairs fuckin huge. kinda an asshole drunk punx sort of guy.
ryan, everyone hates him for sleeping with their girlfriends. but i like him.

im on a tight pants kick, size 4 in girls. i wish you guys could see maine.

oh but the scene is close to the same. its still like the alternative thing but no stupid mods, or emo kids, there just doesent seem to be any.
I sure hope nobody changed there.

Alex you need to call me.

i just went to a concert last weekend. it was pretty good. ducky boys opened and played like 5 songs, then catch 22, and they suck live, sorry catch 22 fans. then flogging molly, which are amazing live. it was a packed place, completly packed, and im in the front of the crowd. i could see perfectly, but i couldnt hear for 2 days. i got some kick ass pictures ill post later. ducky boys are a good band but they are assholes. a few guys walked right up to me from flogging molly and started talking, and i ddint recognize them! so i got their autograph, then walked away. lol the unseen shows comming!!!
i got unseens new cd about a month before it came out because punk rock joe knows them. everytimne they play in new england he gets free tickets for him and a few friends. i didnt believe him till he showed me them. hes got every unseen cd autographed, and vinyl, shirts, posters, he really likes them.
thje casualties play in the station in portland a lot in the summer. im probably going to go to that, if they come this summer.
i just got an old exploited "punk invasion" embroidered back patch.
well... im done. later
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(no subject)

i just realized im an asshole to everyone but alex, please forgive me. lol
but if you want to read some funny, insulting, crude remarks i have made, read other peoples recent comments. except alex, i like him.
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(no subject)

Have you ever

01.Kissed your cousin: yes
02.Run away: nope. ive run from bees, and a bear yesterday. but he wasent chasing me.
03.Pictured your crush naked: yeah
04.Actually seen your crush naked: yeah
05.Broken someone's heart: No
06.Eaten a Koala Bear?: If i didnt have to cook it
07.Been in love: yea
08.Cried when someone died: one.
09.Wanted someone you knew you couldn't have: no, i would try anyways. knowing you cant wont get you anywhere
10. Broken a bone: a toe, and my middle finger feels pretty fucking broken.
11. Drank alcohol: yep
12. Lied: I try not to, in fact, i like being to honest.

W H I C H* I S* B E T T E R*

14. GIRLS OR GUYS: girls are cute and fun to hang out with, guys like doing funner stuff, so they are both evenly as horrable.
15. FLOWERS OR CANDY: flowers taste good...but candie smells good... this ones hard.
16. SCRUFF OR CLEAN SHAVEN: im lazy as fuck
17. QUIET OR LOUD: both. at the same time.
18. BLONDES OR BRUNETTES: They both suck. Girls are CUNTS
19. SOCCER OR FOOTBALL: hockey...fagget
20. PANTS OR SHORTS: kilt, mutherfucker
21. HUGS OR KISSES: I like to Fuck.

*O P P O S I T E* S E X*

22. WHAT DO YOU NOTICE FIRST: The girls a cunt
24. WORST QUESTION TO BE ASKED: Whats your name?

*T H E* L A S T* T I M E*

25. SHOWERED: i dont...remember....
26. HOOKED UP: I shackled myself to the bedroom wall naked, does that count?
27. HAD A GREAT TIME WITH THE OPPOSITE SEX: hahahhahahahahahahaha oxymoron!

*W H A T *I S*

28. YOUR GOOD LUCK CHARM: my balls. i squeeze them when i need luck
29. PERSON YOU HATE MOST : Can it be group?

*F A V O R I T E S*

31. COLOR: red
32.TOP 5 MOVIES: Sid and nancy, living dead series, dropkick murphys movie, dead kennedys movie, legally blonde 2
33.BOOK: please kill me
34. JUICE: blueberry
35. CAR: Kellys ex-car (RIP)
36. ICE CREAM: doesent matter, i wont be sucking it off my dick
37. HOLIDAY: holloween
38. SEASON: fall
39. BREAKFAST FOOD: turkey

*B E S T*

40. COLOGNE: haha
41. PERFUME: girls smell like shit
42. KISS: cd? none.
43. ROMANTIC MEMORY: beating the shit out of lisa. (hahahahahahhaaa)
44. MOST RECENT ADVICE GIVEN TO YOU: brush your teeth

*H A V E* Y O U*

45. Fallen for your best friend? Alex, will you marry me?
46. Kissed JUST a friend?: yeah but he hit me
47. Been rejected?: Yeah, about... let see, EVERY TIME!! <---- emo boy.
48. Been in love?: love in been?
49. Been in lust?: depends, where is it again?
50: Used someone?: I dont know.
51. Been used?: No but betrayed and lied to, lead on thinking i was a friend ect. backstabbing bastard
52. Cheated on someone?: I dont know
53. Been cheated on?: Forgive and forget. im a forgiving person.
54. Been kissed?: yeah
55. Done something you regret?: pssst. no

*W H O* W A S *T H E* L A S T *P E R S O N*

56. You touched?: A dog?
57. You talked to?: the dog
58. You hugged?: Tiana
59. You instant messaged?: mom
60. You laughed at: dog
61. You yelled at?: the dog
62. You laughed with?: The dog
63. Who broke your heart?: kelly. lol idk
64. Who told you they loved you?: the dog.

*D O *Y O U*

65. Color your hair?: Yep
66. Have tattoos?: yep
67.Have piercing?: yep
69. Own a web cam?: yep
70. Own a thong?: yep
71. Ever get off the computer?: yep
72. Stolen anything?: yep
73. Smoke?: yep
74. Schizophrenic? : do i skitzophrenic? im supposably "borderline"
75. Obsessive? : yep
76. Compulsive? : yep
77. Obsessive compulsive? : yep
78. Panic?: yep
79. Anxious? : yep
80. Depressed?: nope
81. Suicidal? : nope
82. Obsessed with hate? : Im obsessed with hate-ing, not hate itself.
83. Dream of mutilated bodies? : I day dream about mutilating the occaisional body.
84. Dream of doing those things instead of just seeing them? :What
85. If you could be anywhere, where would you be? : In taco bell
86. Can you do anything freakish with your body?: i can suck my dick!
87. What facial feature do you find the most attractive on others?:
88. Would you vote for a woman candidate for president?: Fuck no
89. Would you marry for money?: no
90. Have you had braces?: nope
91. Do you like hairy backs? yeah, especially on girls
92. When was the last time you gave someone a present?: i gave joe a shirt
93. Could you live without a computer?: yeah
94. Do you use ICQ, AOL Buddy list etc.?: yahoo, aim
95. If so, how many people are on your list?: 1
96. If you could live in the past, when?: during diinosaurs
97. Do you wear shoes in the house or take them off?: Yeah. and no
98. Do you eat wheat bread or white?: wheat
99. What is your favorite place to visit?: i dont visit anywhere
100. What is the last movie you saw?: legally vclonde 2
101. Do you kiss on the first date?: Yeah, if i think it is the right time.
102. Are you photogenic?: not one bit
103. Do you dream in color or black and white?: I dream in color
104. Wearing fingernail polish?: at times i wear green
105. Is it chipped or fresh?: none now
106. Do you have any dimples?: nope
107. Do you remember being born?: no
108. Why do you take surveys?: im babysitting a fucking dog all day
109. Do you drink alcohol?: rubbing alchohol
110. Did you like or do you not like high school? : i loved it!
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