February 22nd, 2005

Good bye, Marquette.

Im leaving in an hour from now. I decided I would write one more last message while in Marquette because im a computer geek and it seemed like the right thing to do.
Heres a short message for my friends.
Kelly: Your the punk rock girl. I heart you. I will see you again tonight though, so ill tell you more there.
Alex: I left you a note, enjoy the stereo my friend. Im giving the cd to Kelly to drop off.
Stiig: I will give the gun to kelly for you, sorry I had forgotten this long. Ill miss you dude.
Jeremy: On my roll of ductape im useing for a pair of pants, it says "FIX IT!" and I thought of your band. Some bands yell "Hit it!", and I think it would be cool if you yelled "Fix it!" lol dont ask. Ill miss you as well. Good luck with Texas Wayne Ketchup. lol
Jon: Same as above. Leave your address, I will send you a grit. lol
Whitney: I WILL MISS YOU SO MUCH!....bitch
Fiona: Sorry we couldnt hang out before i left, I will write you a letter or something, leave your address as well. I am going to a few indie shows in the comming month, ill send you pictures. Do you like green day? I already got the tickets. And tickets to Dropkick Murphys. Should be fun.
John Noble: Go fuck yourself. Then Record it. Then Jack off to it. I wish you could have kicked my ass like you said you were going to. Sorry bud.
Deonna: I will miss you the most. Im really sorry i left, well, am leaving. You will get mass quanitys of pictures, letters, notes, shirts, hell, whatever you want. Ill send the Green Day pictures the day i get them developed. Thanks for the necklace, I heart it. I heart you as well. If anyone makes me regret leaving it would definatly be you. I promise I will come back though, and the first day i get here, ill go straight to your house, or to your school, or wherever you may be at the given time. Leaving you really sucks considering how close me you and ash always have been, I love you guys a lot. Take care.
Ash-lee: I would send you pictures of bands too, but I dont think backstreet boys are touring right now:) When i come and see your sis, i might say hi to you too, but after all, your the reason im leaving. Just kidding, of course. I love you, a lot. I never thought I would miss anybody to much but like I told my mom, Your family is the number one group of people I will miss, and a hell of a lot more than i thought i would. I have to get going now, finish packing and all. Take care, again, i love you guys.