February 11th, 2005

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now 100 dollars that was hiddin in my apartment was stolen, im damn near out of food, no more fucking gatorade which i asked them not to drink it all, fucking black lights were left on, along with the christmas lights, the sink is flooded and i dont know why, and theres no more little debbies. why, may you ask? well if you do ill tell you. if you dont want to know, ill tell you anyways.
because people fucking suck.
my maine money is fucking gone, and i hope whoever took it gets something really fucking great, because it would have been great money i could have used to see tiana again. now i cant. i hope your happy you sick motherfuckers. when i find out who took it i will fucking choke them. i seriously will. i said nothing could come inbetween my leaving, and something did. my lifes temporarily ruined, and im going to ruin someone elses as pay backs. i swear to fucking god i will rain hell onto every mother fucker there untill i get my money back, and they have untill monday to do so, or i will fucking break, burn or just ruin all of their shit.
kelly may not have done it, but it was her asshole friends that were over that did. so shes just as fucking responsable, as she would say if it were my friends and she was gone. i wasent even there, and its both of our apartment.

you guys fucking suck, you really fucking do. fuck you all, seriously. fuck off
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