February 7th, 2005

to the pride mobile...assman!

bleach makes your hands freeze. i didnt know that untill now, first they burned like hell, now they wont warm up. well the mold is gone, and my pants fought the bleach and the...bleach won. shitty.
so now i have pinkish orangish pants. they were blue. now they are not. one last cd to burn. its a greatest hits. the cd is jammed pack full of hits greater than you. *duh*
when i get home im going to say hello to kelly, then listen to music and go for a long ass walk all around town all night long. then show up somewhere wierd randomly the next morning. im thinking the elementary school would be a fun trip. i havent been there for a while.
ill pick fights with 3rd graders and kick there ass. because 3rd graders suck. i fucking hate them.
the future of tomorrow is currently picking there nose and farting with their armpits while finger painting on a big piece of construction paper. just like president bush!!!!