February 3rd, 2005

fuck fuck fuck fuck mother mother fuck mother mother fuck fuck...YA!

la de da de da dela de da de da
*does the fuck marquette, im leaving, bitches! dance*
kelly, please dont sell my sterio untill you pay me for it:) in responce to a thing you wrote in your journal thingy. how the fuck am i going to pay for ELECTRICITY?!?!?!?!??!?!?! i dont fucking care! cuz im fucking leaving! fuck ya! fuck ya! fuck ya! the apartment is done! fuck ya fuck ya fuck ya!
im switching leases tomorrow! then electricity soon! then shutting off cable! thats all i have to do! SO FUCK YA! im leaving fuck ya fuck ya fuck ya!
im going to go smoke a cigarette, then check my email, then watch tv, then whatever the fuck i want to do in marquette because im fucking leaving! FUCK YA!!!!!!!! fuck marquette, and fuck YA!
im leaving woo he da le da! fuck ya fuck ya!

peace bitches. and fuck ya!
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