January 7th, 2005

i guess im not yet done with this

this is my last entry and its advice to everyone.
Kelly: stop talking about others problems, maybe your stress will stop.
Alex: go get high.
Jeremy: give up on girls they are horrid.
Fiona: i like your jacket.

and last but not least whitney: i dont know why you want to talk to me, but we just fucked up, we made a mistake. people can be forgiven, i hold no grudges. it hurt but i should have known. Nothing against you. Randa is right, you show new maturity, and its good to see. fuck this emo bullshit, lets blow something up. want to talk more? come over saturday, we can go for a walk or something and straighten shit out. i know 'you cant come over' so we will just leave and talk. when things are done, ill walk you home or whatever. bring matches and gasoline ive got the bottle. peace

ps. alex you better get high