My Thoughts on The Fox Hunting Law

The so-called law abiding fox hunters (or thats what they kept telling themselves while calling people anti hunt non law abiding...righto) are obviously breaking the law already. Sure, they are allowed to drag hunt and they are allowed to 'exercise the dogs.' So for exercising you need 20+ people do you? All dressed up? Horns? All the dogs? Sure thing!

Of course you do. Sorry, but I have NO respect for you, NONE of you. Anti fox hunters have been fighting for YEARS to make this law, andn for years you have had your fun, it's our turn now and you can laugh in our faces all you like. I see you all running to vote conservative this year? I wouldn't be surprised as its another Conservative promise as they try desperately to claw their way into Government. I don't normally vote, but I might just this year rather then wasting my vote, and vote for the party who WANTS the ban. Thats right, theres more of us 'townies' (anyone who dislikes fox hunting is a 'townie' and 'doesnt understand' to someone who enjoys killing these animals for fun, even if you have live din the country your whole life) then there will ever be of you, and 80+% of us support this ban, and 80+% of us want you to be caught and legal action taken against you.

It's not often I feel so het up, but this just makes me angry. It's babies, all going out on saturday as if to proove themselves. People have lost respect for you who had it for you before, you have LOST supporters its all over the news. Not to mention about 10 of you battering someone who is anti hunt, arent you sweet people? Aren't you law abiding? Aren't you SO grown up...You can't get your way so batter the people who have won. Like it not the law has been passed and there are plenty of us out there who will do own damndest to record you breaking the law, we will do our damndest to report you, and we will do are damndest to have you caught and banned from keeping or using animals again, and a nice big fine as garnish.

A few weeks or months in prison would be great too, but I don't see that happening -unfortunatly-.

For those who still hunt, and still kill the animal. I rate you with badger baiters, I rate you with dog fighters, I rate you with bear bating, I rate you with all that is bad in the animal world, you are the illegal act, you are the people who tie kittens to fireworks. That is where you are in my mind.
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I just feel...

So useless.

I feel so uncomfortable at the moment. I don't know if we are moving house or staying here, my room has just been decorated but I have nowhere to put stuff as dad won't put up the wardrobes till he knows if we are moving or not.

He want's to put the house on the market again...I feel like I can't settle. I've moved 12 times in my life, the longest time we have lived somewhere is 4 years. By the time we have made it home we move again. I feel so frustrated and down. I don't know if I want to stay here or not, it doesn't matter in the end I guess as I won't be here forever, I'll move out soon.

No, I don't have a job at the moment. I'm useless in that aspect too. I want a job, I really do. I just want a stupid little retail job I'll be comfortable in for a couple of months so I can pay some money to my mum and dad for keeping me and so I can save towards what I want to do.

I want to visit Canada again, I want to go around April/May time. My parents aren't happy about it but it's something I want to do. I cant search for a serious job because of my holiday however.

I was told I was like my brother again today. Great, the only other time they talk about Matthew (my 27 year old older brother) is to bash him or say how he is a waster. Yeah, sometimes he forgets things but he found a job he finally likes and loves it. It just hurts...and when I say it they are like: It's not to be mean to you! We just think you are like Matthew.

Yeah maybe. But having older siblings can be horrible...they do this...they do don't, oh your so like them!

Not to mention you know its 3 months and 3 days since Marius died, I can't believe it's almost been a year and I still don't feel much better.
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My Goodness....

I'm shocked at just how ignorant people can be sometimes.

It really bothers me when people voice their own opinions and thoughts and all their views and thats all fine and dandy, you liste to them, take it in, then give your own view. But oh no, thats not allowed. I don't care, it will never change me having a strong opinion about what I think is good and right...but what is it with people nowadays?

Why can NOBODY debate or have a good civil argument without them whining like a baby, throwing sticks and stones and calling you names? What does that proove apart from the fact you cannot back up your views, are over reacting and acting childish.

It really bothers me and makes me sad, espicially when they are the ones calling you the spoilt one because you -gasp- won't back down to their opinion.
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I really HATE Hasbro right now.

What is the fucking point in putting exclusives in countires when others will get them anyway?

Hello Hasbro but Sweet Summertime, Winter Snow, Autumn Skye and Spring Fever were EUROPE releases not 'aww America got upset so lets give them to them too' exclusives!

Just because your having a hard time obviously being creative and making new ponies so you have now stole ALL (yes I include Crystal Crown since she is a bloody REPLICA) of our exclusives now....I guess that means we get to have all the Target and US exclusives just in different playsets yeah?

I know a lot of UKers I talk to are really really peeved about this. Its ok for the people in the UK to get upset when Cherry Blossom isn't being sent around as much...but not ok for us to get upset when our measly four are suddenly taken from us too, wonderful.

If we started getting US exclusives I'm damn sure the tune would change and suddenly it 'isnt fair'. Well i hope we do just to see if anyone reacts the same way as I have to this, can you tell it pisses me off?

Bye bye Winter Snow within another year no doubt.
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I just wanted to laugh about my new picture...PP_Rumil made it for me...-dances with scary Elrond-
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What?! How the...-hell- was he worse then Steve? Did Housewives unite vote or something?

How the HELL was he worse then that slimy git Steve?

I hope he gets a record deal anyway...-goes to mourn-

The definate ban on fox hunting in England and Wales...your opinions?

Comes into form in 90 days time...18th of February I believe.

For those of you who didn't hear this was the fourth time that the House of Commons and House of Lords couldn't agree over it so the House of Commons forced the ban through some sort of act wherin if the two Houses cannot agree the Commons can force their decision through into law.

Not just fox hunting was banned but all hunting with hare coarsing and Stag hunts with dogs. I don't want to be -flamed- about this, and I don't want people to argue with each other nastily. Just a discussion about it maybe? Just respect that some people are angry about it while others are celebrating.

Personally I hate the sport, at the end of the day it may be an age old sport but its still a blood sport. Yes, people will loose jobs, but people lost jobs when slavery was made illegal here too. Doesn't make it right or wrong.

People often shout 'townie' too quickly at me, which I hate since I lived in the country till I was 15 and still live in a very sub-urban out-in-the-sticks sort of area and am surrounded by horses and horsey people.I ride, have done since I was 4 and ever since, its one of my favourite things to do, and I used loan my own gelding. He was hunted with by some very silly people at just TWO years old (he's a shireXirish draught....WAY too heavy to be doing things so young) and because of this he now has arthiritis in his legs at just 7 years old.

I've never had the urge to go on a hunt, being a big animal lover, the thougth of chasing a fox, sometimes, to it's death just makes me feel sick...and come on...we have all seen the evidence that it is not killed instantly but from multiple wounds, I don't blame the hounds, its instinct, like a hound is going to think 'Oh yes...must bit the neck to kill the fox quickly -then- rip apart' If I was a hound in the pack I'd be more worried about getting my share of the fox.

I do sort of feel sorry for the people that were brought up with it. I knew someone whos mother and father both hunted...shje didn't want to but it was -forced- upon her to keep up country apperances (this is when I lived in Kent) she used to pretend to be ill or go round mine at upcoming hunts, she hated it so much, and some of th epeople she talked to her age felt the same way.

As for pest control...well...if its pest control then why are they breeding them to kill because the numbers are so down?

The way I see it is if we left mother nature to her own accord, and stopped killing the foxes, the rabbit population would go down, which is great for vegetable etc farmers, we wouldnt be over populated with foxes, look at the places where men don't go, the animals live peacefully there and the ratio of animals is in perfect balance. It only gets out of hand when -we- intervene.

As for the hunters saying they won't listen to the ban, will keep on hunting illegally and don't care...well...that just goes to show doesn't it. Sorry but thats like saying 'Oh I'm special...laws don't effect me' its a really selfish way to look at things.

And just to finish off a quick little story. When we live dup in Herts my parents lived on a Manor houses grounds, my dad gardened and my mothered cleaned the house, they paid rent etc. This is when most people still had outhouses.

Anyway, a hunt used to illegally come through the grounds when the lord and lady were out (which was rather often) if the fox went over the grounds, where it should have been protected since the grounds were not public but private land the hunt would just follow even though they had been told numerous times they were not welcome on the land...they rucked up the grass, ruined the countryside where they were going and the Lord and Lady did not agree with hunting and forbid it there.

Well there were three rented houses where my parents were and the next door neighbours hated it asa much as my parents. Mum was telling me that one time, when the hunt was going through the neighbour saw the fox run in his outhouse, so he ran outisde with his gun, closed the outhouse door as the hunt was approaching and had a screaming match with the head of the hunt about allowing the fox out... it took him threee warning shots and threatening to call th epolice to get this hunt off of private land. The fox was fine and the guy let it out later . My parents used to see the vixen with her cubs in the garden at night playing...they have pictures of it...really lovely.

I',m sure not all hunts at so obnoxious and non law abiding, but its a shame some of you are let down by arrogant people.

Well anyway....lets know your opinions.
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