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Fold your hands, child, you walk like a peasant. [entries|friends|calendar]
me & my poor brain.

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Pixies! [31 Mar 2007|06:13pm]


Oli and I arrived at about 5, because we're that sad. We were about 7th in the line. The whole way there, we worried about whether they'd accept Oli's dodgy ID card (it was 18+). In the line, we were blasted by Antarctic winds for 2 hours in our singlets, while trying to share my jacket. The most conspicuous thing about the audience was the severe lack of pretty indie boys. Where were they?

When we finally got in (Oli's card wasn't as dodgy as we thought), we hung around near the front for ages before the support act, the Mercy Arms, came on. They were pretty good (read: at least 200 times better than Dappled Cities). Every member managed to look like they were from a different band. The lead singer was all Dinosaur Jr (he was wearing a waterproof parka), the guitarist (in a feathered magenta jumper and black and white skinny jeans) could have come from Dappled Cities, the bassist was in a very Strokes suit, and the drummer was unremarkable.

After some more waiting, a tall guy in a flannelette shirt somehow materialised in front of us. By that time we were in the third row. After a lot of passive aggressive "grr!"s and "I hate tall people! Tall people should die!" from Oli, we politely asked if he would mind swapping with someone from the front row and lean over the barrier... and he did! But even better, he managed to squeeze in, and we were in the second row. Right in front of Black Francis.

Setlist.Collapse ) At the time, it felt more like, "What didn't they play?" But I really wish they'd played 'Velouria' and 'I've Been Tired'.

Kim miraculously looked like she hadn't aged in ten years, Charles and Joey looked far thinner, and Dave had a curly beard. They came onstage and blasted their way through the entire set. They didn't even leave the stage before the encore; they walked around and waved at people, looking completely bemused by how excited and young everyone was. For Joey's guitar solo in 'Vamos', he used one of Dave's drumsticks. I have a blurry cameraphone photo of it, but it also has a bouncer's face in it, and half the head of a girl in front of me who ended up getting a setlist. Kim looked kind of annoyed for much of the show, but I missed most of that because Black Francis was three meters away from me, and you can't ignore Black Francis when he's that close.

I rang Nadia during 'Monkey Gone to Heaven' and 'Nimrod's Son', thinking that if it went to voicemail I could get the messages in my inbox, but that didn't work. She's going to see them at V Festival tonight so we're going to try it again, in reverse.
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We kiss on the mouth but still cough down our sleeves. [05 Jan 2007|12:53am]
Aly and I went to Modest Mouse last night. They were great, but they didn't play nearly enough pre-2004 songs. A guy behind me with supernatural lung capacity yelled, 'Shit Luck!', which would have been awesome live, though 'Tiny Cities Made of Ashes' was fantastic anyway. There was also a big 'let's crowd around the malfunctioning laptop for half an hour' moment onstage after Dappled Cities (who were about as crap as the Arcade Fire). I looked at Johnny Marr for the whole show and didn't turn into a pillar of salt so: religious doubt! He was skinny and anaemic, and could pass for 16 if you blurred out his face... until he put on a tweed blazer. SetlistCollapse )

Some of us who missed out on America are heading to Adelaide soon (as a consolation prize, like that $10 you get for coming second in a beauty contest but better). According to this site, these are the places to be in Adelaide:

1. the garden
2. the museum
3. the zoo
4. the golf course
5. drunk
6. church
7. Oli's house

Facebook is a drug.
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you're devious and envious, you're insane. [18 Nov 2006|11:34pm]
+ Exams are over, finally, as is second year. By the end of next year, I could have a degree. Except I want that damn (Hons) behind it.

+ Law party last night, which involved a lot of pole hugging, far too candid conversations - and a crushed toe. If it goes black and drops off, I'm going to tell everyone it was frostbite. Aly is wonderful.

+ I'm going to Modest Mouse on January 3rd.
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