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giddyteen_'s Journal

19 June

i'm tasneem.
i'm random.
i have fun on my own.
i'm insane.
i'm very loud.
i'm outgoing.
i laugh at pretty much everything.
i'm never serious.
i live in saudi arabia.
riyadh do be exact.
it's amazing + fun.
i hate it with a passion at times.
but it's 'home'.
i wanna study fashion design in paris.
then open boutiques in new york, milan & paris.
maybe even one in riyadh.
i dream alot.
i always get my hopes up.
and then they get crushed.
i'm openminded.
i don't like liars.
i suffer from depression, ADD & OCD.
and that scares people for some reason.
i cry myself to sleep everynight.
i have trust issues.
people hate me.
it makes me laugh.
i never give up.

i'm online 24/7. i have no life. i love shopping.
laguna beach, the o.c & one tree hill are the shit. music is LOVE. i sadly can't live without it. i never leave the house without eyeliner. i can't live without coke&pepsi.
starbucks is amazing. chocolate makes me happy. i basically live in mcdonalds, safeway, starbucks. i weigh 45kilos/99pounds. i'm short [5'1ft/145cms]. i think i'm fat. i love guys. if you see a short freak dancing/walking strange/laughing its prolly me.
i'm not perfect.

i'm tasneem. i'm not sorry for who i am.
take it or leave it.

oh one more thing.
make me one. &i'll seriously love you.

add me on msn. here. or on AIM. if you wanna get to know me.
i don't bite =].