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...the story of one such creature...

as she follows her dreams

20 October
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The Gecko lifts her head to look at the forest that surrounds her. She dreamt of travel, to go where her dreams pointed, to step out of the mold that was created for her long ago by the bitter Matron whom tried her hardest to keep Gecko locked up in an unyielding cage. But perhaps most of all…she dreamt of the creature who could come into her life, so she can finally love and be loved in return.

But nobody ever warned her that it would take more then a smile, quick wit and a pair of sweet eyes to obtain these dreams. The world was filled with creatures and beings she never knew existed, some that wanted to help along her journey and those who longed for her to fail.

Her determination aches, the thought of spending her days among brethren without experiencing these adventures made her strong. And with a rare crystal ball in her possession, she went in search of her dreams.

These are the chronicles of a Leopard Gecko who dared to be different from her kind in hopes to come out on top.

"The saddest thing that I ever did see was a woodpecker pecking at a plastic tree. He looked at it and 'Friend,' said he 'Things aren't as sweet as they used to be.'"

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