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...the story of one such creature... [entries|friends|calendar]

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An endless journey
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The way it has to be [Saturday
February 10th]
[ mood | crushed ]

Gecko searches quickly around her dwelling, in hopes that she will find what has long ago been tossed asside. While everyone sleeps, quiet rumblings and bangs fill her space. "I never thought that I'd have to go back to how things were. I truly believed that things were different now, that I was a better being." Suddenly she cuts herself on broken ceramic, the blood begins to ooze from her scales. *looks down, tears merge with the deep scarlet*

Little by little, the broken pieces once again become whole as she brings them together. *looking down in fear and sadness at the object* "You were all I've known once and now...I know I must return." It has been made perfectly clear that Gecko was better off...silent. Although she cried deeply to be heard, Gecko knew now that this world and all its creatures don't want to listen anymore. "Although some continue to hurt me and ridicule me, I will once again lie...since that is what it takes to maintain peace."

*Gecko slowly lifts the now completed mask to her face as she begins to cry and sob* "Hello darkness, my old friend...I've come to talk to you again."


& Are you there

New encounters [Monday
May 22nd]
[ mood | sore ]

She couldn't recognize the creature's face in the reflective surface even when it was her own, such a thing for her to do went beyond her natural borders and it surely wasn't the way of the Gentle Sprit. The wounds felt like they were on fire. *Gecko looks down at the mask she holds in her claws, shaking slightly* "I will now welcome my punishment...since I deserve no goodness the universe has to offer." As the simple piece was lifted to her face, her body took a new form. The yellow and black striped pattern of her body became the same green as her eyes, her tail no longer white and black. Eyes that once glistened with life were now pale blue, the scars remained hidden under this illusion...hidden from the world.

"Nobody will ever hurt me again." She thought, slowly walking out into the laughter and action in the hallway. Gecko felt invisible looking down at the ground until a sudden blur went past. *Blinking, looks up and to the right* An arrangement of creatures were gathered in laughter and conversation when they turned to look at her, Gecko felt the heat from her blushing face under the mask as she quickly looked away.

"Hi!" A sudden screech came as Gecko's face connected with the floor. There, on her back, sat a mysterious reptile giggling. "I'm Iguana and these are my friends Crow and Pint."

"Could you please...just get off my back?" *Gasping for air with a cough* "Nice...to meet you."

"Sorry she gets a bit excited sometimes." Crow explained, taking Gecko's claw to help her up. Although her feathers were dark, they glistened in the dull lighting. Next to her stood a poison dart frog, complete with a black and blue design.

"It's okay, nothing broke." Gecko joked dryly, which earned two smiles. "And you must be Pint." She held out her claw, which got nothing more then a glare. *Blinks, smoothly scratching a false itch on her nose*

"You'll have to excuse Pint, she's a bit shy." Iguana came from behind her, placing her arm across Gecko's shoulders. "So we were going to the meadow for a bit of a walk...would you like to join us?"

*Blinks once more, speechless* She couldn't remember the last time she's been invited to join in such an activity, the thought played upon her imagination and a slight smile formed. With a nod, they were on their way. The sun wasn't particularly bright, but the sky was clear and the air sweet. They were a lively bunch, except Pint who stood out ever so slightly with her lack of enthusiasm, singing and dancing as they continued on the small journey.

"Iguana look." Crow motioned. In the distance the long grass ended and a field of wildflowers began.

"I've never seen so many flowers." Gecko spoke quietly, taking a step forward. An arrangement of laughter came from her aquaintances. "W-what's so funny?"

"I was talking about the creek beyond the the meadow." Crow explained, shortly followed by cheering as they rushed towards the bubbling waters.

Once again she was alone, but in no way was her heart as heavy. *Smiles, steps into the wildflowers. Looking up at the sky, Gecko neglects the fact that she's changed direction slightly* Gecko believed that she should be left in isolation to pay for the wrong deed she has yet to be punished for, but if the problems, concerns and lives of other creatures are on her mind..."The pain is forgotten." The ground beneath her feet suddenly disappeared, sending her down a steep slope. Blades of grass sliced through her false body with such speed, her claws attempting to grasp anything as an anchor. Before she knew it, her world lept into a sweet bleakness.

*Groans, bringing her claws up to her face* Her body ached as she slowly opened her eyes to see the slope she had fallen down lingering. Gecko could smell fresh blood. *glances down* Her knees had fresh wounds. *Groans in painful relief* "That's what I get for daydreaming." *sits up and moves to her stomach, gasps* There in front of her slept a lone creature, one she has never seen before but resembled one she used to know...one she used to love. His ear twitched slightly as she moved quietly. *Whispers to self* "This is bad...really bad!"

....the creature quietly opens one of his golden eyes, watching this small reptile move away.


& Are you there

Breaking of the spirit...and a holy promise [Sunday
May 21st]
[ mood | determined ]

*Her claws were caked with reddened terra cotta as she worked it, the water oozing between her fingers as she finished the final touches. Lifting it off the stone slab she brings it close to her face, dripping downward.* "It's very beautiful." The voice spoke from behind her, belonging to a mysterious crossbreed. *Blinking, Gecko looks back at her work as she puts it down gently. Quietly*

"Thank you." *The crossbreed strolls over closer for a better look of the mask*

"It seems so sad though, but perhaps that was your intention." Silence falls between them. "It's still really beautiful."

The sun was high above when she left the studio, returning to the tree she has come to love during this revolution. With the coming of the dry spell she will be returning to her own land, the cave and the clan she left behind. *Gecko raises her claw to block the remaining rays of light as she leaves it all behind. A message rests on her pile of leaves* "What is this?" *She opens it to see familiar writing*

Gecko...please respond to this. My actions from two circuits ago were harsh and I wish to save what we have. ~Dragon

The bitter contents in her stomach raced through her, wishing to be released. *She coughs through a wave of tears, screaming* "All lies, all you did was lie to me!" Falling to her knees, the letter slowly dipped this way and that until it joined her on the floor. *Gasping for breath, Gecko holds herself tight* "I can feel his touch burning me, make it stop!" *As if struck with madness she claws away at her self, causing new wounds* "NO MORE LIES, MAKE THE PAIN STOP!"

The cool waters washed over her, relaxing her shaking body in it's scarlet waves. "It's okay, the bleeding will stop soon." Ever since that last night of passion, and his departure, Gecko was now struck with new freedom but she had yet to remove herself from the past. He spoke not a word to her, no word was sent until now...which she could finally see the truth in. *Coming up for air, drops of water drip away from her eyes as they open slowly* "I won't be used ever again." *Gecko wraps herself in a fresh leaf as she slowly returns to her room*

Through all the sleepless nights of fearful tears, Gecko found the ways of the Gentle Spirit whom has created the universe. As she grew her beliefs did as well, welcoming the Spirit into her life and offering to be His messenger. In doing so Gecko promised her gentle nature and compassionate soul to worship, but with her heart now shattered and a mask, created to hide everything from the world..."I am prepared to break my promise of gentleness and understanding and suffer the consequences."

"This will end and you shall...pay for the pain you have bestowed on me." *Gecko brings her claws together and closes her eyes in prayer*

"To the one who has harmed my soul, crushed my spirit and scarred my body..." *The scars, new and old, began to bleed lightly* "Please, Gentle Spirit, I ask for you to place your judgement for what he has bestowed on me...bestow onto him a thousand fold." *A single tear finds its way through her eyelids* "This creature I have loved...may him burn and gnash his fangs in rememberence of what he has done. What I ask is harsh, but Gentle Spirit...this is my prayer."

*Opening her green eyes slowly the small aura of light around her fades, the scars still remain*


& Are you there

Past vs. present [Wednesday
May 10th]
[ mood | creative ]

Almost three revolutions have passed and Gecko has learned so much during her time with Dragon, for the first time ever she has tasted passion and such an emotion must be love. She learned her true worth in this existance through his actions, his words and most of all...his touch. During this time Matron and the Mooch faught with great zest against the pair, which at times proved to be overbearing. They plotted day and night, ways to keep her behind the aged bars which Gecko has come to know. Even through several quarrels, which elevated as time came and went, she clung to the only thing she knew. It was around this time that Gecko finally left the place of learning and after much concentration and communication, the doors to her prison finally creaked open.

Beginning her new life a far distance away, she found herself a new home: a tree, aged with comfort and friendship. She prayed that this change would cause an epiphany for the clan she had left behind at the cave...change was deffinatly on the horizon. Dragon had a way, but little did Gecko know that her betrothed left her in a trance for a reason...to mask away the truths she wished and believed to see. Through quarrels she found herself taking blame, until one moon of passion changed everything.

He held her close, she breathed him in...the love she believed to have found. Gecko found herself drowning in a wave of passionate affection and when she came up for air, her world has changed. Instead of the comforts of the tree, she was alone, her elegant body shuttered under her scales and before her stood the unthinkable, a dark creature nestled in her bosom. Looking up at her the eyes were the same as the Dragon, but she now looked at the face and body of a Gargoyle. With his departure, her world crumbled. There were days when she saw nobody, other then the occassional visit from nearby creatures, and ate nothing. It was then that her heart hardened, her soul became mute and she created a mask. No matter where she went, the scars burned her thoughts and body with every movement, reminding her of the choices she must now live with...yet a cool smile remained.

While learning to cope with the real dimension, after being away for so long, news of Gecko's first love interest arrived speedily by way of dove. By no means is a dove sent unless sorrow follows in its wake: Angel has fallen. Returning to the cave temporarily, she paid her respects and finally confessed the inner workings of her heart in a private but brief heart to heart. As she stepped away, Gecko finally realized that nothing would ever be the same: she could never trust, she could never be happy, nobody would ever touch her again...and she would never fall in love again.

The suns and moons became warmer, trees bearing their hidden treasures of green...but her heart remained empty and gray. Gecko spent her days in the shadows, watching creatures interact with one another. Among those came a few she would come to know and love. Gecko related to Crow and Iguana, kept her distance from Poison dart frog and found herself easily amused with Wolf. Her curiosity with the canine continued to grow...

"History always repeats itself?" *His gentle eyes look through the mirror, imagining her reaction*

*Gecko pauses, the outline of her reflection reflects off the crystal's surface*

"Well, his name was Puppy..."

...to be continued.


Hello & Are you there

Realizations and possibilities...during the past 7 rotations [Saturday
May 6th]
[ mood | curious ]

The dry spell continued irregularly for many rotations, seven to be exact, which seemed to grow stronger with each sun...but only in her mind. Words were harder to come by, thoughts difficult to express, and who would actually want to hear such things? Breathing was nothing more then a chore, each sun Gecko longed for her last and with each moon she wished the same for the tears. It seemed so easy...*She reaches for the dagger resting beside her, bringing the sharp, glistening blade closer to her soft skin* Such loneliness, such hurt..."Why can't anything go right just once...just once?"

Exhausted, Gecko fell into a deep sleep where he visited her once more. His face is always hidden behind the shadows, the dark cloak containing his identity. He watched her momentarily...bleeding her life away on a path of white stones.

"Why do you cry such tears?" *Her eyes, stained red from the blood filled tears, looked up at him. Gecko knew she looked pitiful* "Why do you continue to torture me, I search lands near and far...and yet I can't find you." After a moment he continued towards her until she was at his feet. With her last bit of strength, Gecko's tiny arms supported her body as she glanced upward. *A single red tear trickles from her eye* "I'm so lonely and nobody understands me. Am I to live each breath for a dream?"

"We will find each other when the time comes." His voice was gentle yet stern, for some reason Gecko believes she has heard his voice before. Getting down on his knees, he picked her up from the ground. "You are like me, you hide your true feelings from creatures near and dear..." *She tries to make out his face, still concealed, she opens her mouth and quietly speaks* "But secretly long for the answer to that one, lingering question." Nothing is said for a moment, he begins to walk towards a far off light in the distance as Gecko wraps her arms around his neck for comfort. *She shutters, hiding her head in his chest* "I'm scared." With a chuckle he holds her close, continuing on. "When you find me...you won't have to be."

*Blinking, Gecko looks around to see the comforts of the cave* It is silent and she still finds herself alone, the dagger rests beside her. *She rubs her eyes, picks up the weapon and slowly walks towards the cave opening* The sky is filled with stars, the air sweet with rain...now dripping from the blade and handle, resting in its eternal grave. *Gecko sits at her crystal ball* Once more there seems to be a decrease in fellow creatures, before running her hand over its shiny surface a voice speaks out to her.

"Hello, Staep." *She rolls her eyes with a laugh*
"Hey, Strombaer."


& Are you there

Isolation [Thursday
October 13th]
[ mood | isolated ]

*Gecko taps the surface of her crystal ball, the surface cracks, she sighs* "Isn't that just great?"

*She sits quietly upon her rock, the silence seems to consume her* "Isn't that just great?"

*Gecko thinks about things she'd rather be doing* "Writing, drawing..." *Rubs right claw gently* "Not possible. Hmmm...communicating with other creatures?" *Pauses, here's laughter in the background that obviously doesn't include her or her patience* "Isn't that just great?"

*Standing from her seat she stretches, looking down at her damaged ball* "This isn't too bad, it can be fixed within a few moons." *Walking slowly from the tree, leaving the voices behind, tears fill her eyes but do not fall* "Amazing...how none of this surprises me at all, I guess that's what happens when you get used to it."

*The deeply toned leaves slowly fall from the other trees around her, the outside world also seems silent, she breathes in deeply and looks at the sky*


& Are you there

Pipe dream [Wednesday
September 21st]
[ mood | happy ]

Another dry spell has come and gone, with that time came another lesson...another scar. *Gecko's hand grazes the old scar, still healing...never seeming to heal completely* She should've noticed when it began bleeding again, but once again her eyes were fooled by a creature, using her for one thing...if not many. "Even a water dragon...is still a dragon."

As it crept on slow and surely, arrangements went to meet with Water Dragon, which went well...but it wasn't until they were apart where they went bitter. *looks at floor, sighs, quietly* "I only...wanted someone to talk to." Her moons became filled with tears, wondering where she went wrong. One day a note arrived with a concluded announcement, this even started the thoughts...which would reach the dry spell's conclusion. *looks around, rereads the note* "I'm proud to voice the engagment of Blue Dragon and Sparrow..."

Gecko felt more alone then ever: first Water Dragon forgetting her existence and now this. She was happy for the Blue Dragon, if anybody deserved happiness it was him. But she couldn't help but feel rejected, remembering the proimses made to her a revolution ago. *folds note* "But that was then and this is now. Afterall...he needs me as a friend." Although this announcement came to her, one of the first creatures to learn the news, the blue dragon disappeared once more. Tired of feeling rejected, Gecko came down to the conclusion...that Water Dragon's games had to come to an end. Late one moon her plan was put into action and he also, sadly, disappeared. "I should've noticed when the old wounds bled."

Although the dry spell was immense, Gecko spent most of her time at the prarie dog mines which, in itself, was quite an interesting experience...to take her mind off the pain. Prarie dogs are quite interesting creatures, some sweeter then others and all of them...big on gossip. With the exception of one they were all pleasant to work beside, sadly with the coming of Autumn...she made her exit. Other then the mines Gecko rediscovered a rare creature indeed, a fairy named Sylph.

Sylph: They traveled down the same path before, but somewhere along the way got seperated. None the less both were excited to find each other once more. Leaving her tree to return to the cave was never a thrilling task for Gecko, also with Squirrel and Onyx the martin abroad, which left her feeling alone. "But sometimes you find more then you bargained for." Once more ties were formed between them, stronger then the previous for it was her that Gecko could confide in without any fear or regrets. But being a fairy... *Laughs, shakes head, smiles at the ceiling* "They like to play tricks, some turn out to be miracles in disguise."

With each sun and moon they talked about most everything, the small things and the big things...none of which ever made sense to anyone else...except Sylph.


& Are you there

Slight observations from the side [Sunday
April 17th]
[ mood | sick ]

As always with the coming of the warm times, a new skin replaces the wear of the old, leaving a bright new comfort. *Gecko looks at her new set of scales and smiles quietly to herself* It's been 3 full moons since her last observation. *She sits quietly at the crystal ball, crickets are chirping far below the tree. Iguana relaxes close by* "For the first time these past two moons I can relax." she says quietly, smiling. It's been a wonderful time spent with Iguana and of course...the handsome, dreamy Water Dragon.

Ever since he's come into her life, Gecko's eyes have been opened and reintroduced to the creature she was once so well in contact with: herself. But although her suns have been filled with hugs and kisses, moons with security and comfort...*Gecko suddenly bends over in pain, gripping her chest she breathes deeply. Lifting her hand she bleeds slightly from an old scar* she still finds herself healing from the past but luckily she now has someone to assist her. "With him, I never have to be alone...ever again. But of course...the history lesson shall continue...another day."

Amazing how even though a skin is shed the pain from the old one always seems to resurface onto the new, perhaps it's just something that will never disappear completely. Perhaps though, this is a good thing, this is a lesson...one of the many that life has to teach. *The wound now treated, Gecko returns to the crystal ball and smiles quietly at herself* "It doesn't hurt as bad besides...there's worse pains then this." It's true that life holds many mysteries but there seems to be many that are still left unanswered and it was these that continued to haunt her.

"When will these inner demons rest, will they ever? Am I and will I always be...broken, my body now with a slightly mended soul? What do these pains mean?" *Gecko's smile quietly masks the concerned look underneath as she holds herself gently* "Is love...enough to save a reptile like me?"

...Next to her Iguana is basked in the glow of her crystal, singing quietly. Poison dart frog, along with Crow, rest across the room...does nobody know, can nothing help?


Hello & Are you there

A step in the right direction? [Sunday
January 30th]
[ mood | hopeful ]

*Gecko returns from the bitter cold and rests for a moment next to the glowing, crystal ball in front of her* So much has happened, and with all that has happened has come the side effect of....exhaustation. On her desk sits a letter from the blue Dragon, she read it earlier. *Smiles* "Married? That's...amazing." *Gecko lays back in her chair to look up at the ceiling, the two voices from the other room (Poison Dart Frog and Iguana) can be heard but what they're saying...she really can't say*

Gecko was very happy for the blue Dragon but deep down inside...sat a feeling of abandonment and it was this feeling that made her cry....although she didn't know why. "Amazing what happens when you don't talk to someone in awhile." But then again...*She stands up and walks to the window, looking out into the darkness of the night* "So much has happened with me, too."

*A small bird flies into the room, in its beak is a rolled up note wrapped in thread, Gecko goes to read* Gecko promised to never trust again...no creature of the male gender at this point. But even though this weighed on her soul, she started saw kindness but wouldn't dare act upon it. *She smiles quietly at the note* It was then that he came out of the shadows, one creature she knew sort of well.... *Quietly* "Water Dragon."

Water Dragon: There was something different about him. "Even though it may seem that way, he's only a lizard with a long tail..." but what took her breath away was the fact that he had the heart and soul of a dragon. He came to her one moon, while Gecko was out visiting Unicorn, confessing his every thought and feeling for her. *Laughs quietly, folding the note gently* The truth of the matter was...Gecko was too frightened, plus some of her thoughts went to someone else, to know what to say. "He would hurt me, the first chance he had...he would snap me in two." But she wasn't cruel, nor was she heartless...and Gecko agreed to meet with water Dragon. Before she knew it, he swept Gecko off her feet and she was surrounded in light...an unknown light that has gone unseen for some time and she knew she wanted to never leave it.

"And so...that is where I stand." *Gecko places the two notes next to each other, sitting back at the glowing ball, smiling contently* "My friend, I'm happy that you have found where you belong and hopefully....I have found where I belong, too." *She sighs quietly, closing her tired eyes* "I guess there may be times like this, I guess I will have to see you at the next sun."


Hello & Are you there

Heartache [Friday
November 5th]
[ mood | blah ]

*Gecko sits at a crystal ball that isn't her own* She's suppose to be working but instead she seems to be surrounded by the mysterious creature's scent and so now Gecko is stuck thinking about him. "But why should I? With last night's moon came the brutal truth...I'm nothing special to him." But the complete moon wasn't spent in vain, Gecko knows that he is an honest creature and perhaps that is the best thing. *She looks down at the glowing crystal with a sigh* "But will I be special to anyone...ever?"


& Are you there

A step into the present. [Tuesday
November 2nd]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

*Gecko sits on a rock, smoothing out the scales on her tiny body, she looks at the floor with a slight smile on her face. Without a word she looks over at the crystal ball that glows with life, all the other creatures were asleep, except for a slight few* It's been a hectic while, many moons since she returned to the tree which was her temporary home. Over the dry spell it has been more then hectic as Gecko's heart was fooled and strung along the entire way.

Rattlesnake: He was considered one of Gecko's close friends and it's true they dated back when they could both be considered hatchlings, Rattlesnake was the first creature to ever physically be there for Gecko in her times of pain. One moon there was a celebration for the Squirrel and on that moon in particular the two talked about old times, present times and possibly the future. *Gecko flips glances at an old picture, smiles* She always thought about him although she kept it quiet and told nobody, but Kitten always knew something was going to happen. And so, once again, they were together and this time Gecko knew of her past mistakes and would make everything right this second time around. "But some say that it's best to leave things alone, leave them where they lay." *Putting the picture away, she goes back to sketching on a piece of tree bark* It wasn't long before a secret was kept from Gecko, Rattlesnake filled her head with false hope and dreams and sadly...she fell for each one. Sparrow knew better, he tried reasoning with the both of them: Rattlesnake to leave Gecko alone, to set her free and Gecko to come to her senses. Finally on a moon sometime later, Gecko finally had enough and turned away from his lies. *Stops sketching, laughs quietly to herself* "But some habits never die, and it's for those habits that I'm severely grateful." With time apart, it came to be like the last time this happened: both went their own ways, following their own dreams, living their own lives...once again becoming friends, forgetting what happened. *Gecko goes back to her drawing, mutters* "But never again will this happen..."

So Gecko went on her way, once again free from the chains of any type of relationship with another creature. But she began to witness a case of honesty from one of her other close creatures and it came to be that Gecko started to wonder about her feelings and actions.

Blue Jay: He is more then you're average creature..."He is perhaps the kindest, most wonderful creature I've ever met thus far in my journey." Out of the few lands she has visited, and the many animals she has met, Blue Jay is the one that she could relate to the most. *Gecko mutters* "Well, of the male gender anyways." The two lived similar lives and have lost two similar brethern and both Gecko and Blue Jay strived to live for their dreams and hopes, hoping to find the one thing they couldn't get from their homes: love. She thought that the both of them could fill in what was missing in each other's lives and so she gave it a go, but Gecko finally learned that although this may be a perfect match, like that of a puzzle, she couldn't be comfortable. *Gecko sighs as she picks up a rock to scratch out her mistake* She felt terrible, as if she had led Blue Jay on but eventually their friendship was restored to as close as possible it's original state.

"I'm finished with this, I can't get this to come out right!" But, this wasn't the first time she thought that. It finally arrived: the short season before the great harvest and Gecko was to return to her apprenticeship in hopes to achieve her main goal: to become great at Art to start her new life. Although excited to once again see Iguana, Poison Dart Frog and Turtle again (among others) she decided to keep away from any and every creature/animal of the opposite sex. But then she ran into a creature she only spoke to a few times and then something happened...

The Pretender: He's an unusual creature: creative, outgoing and he left Gecko feeling quite comfortable to be herself. It was like a million fireflies trapped inside a closed jar, lights and sparks flying everywhere. And so Gecko decided that it was time to try and love again. Sadly, the happiness seemed to fade after only seven moons and she was left alone with her thoughts...more then she wanted to. "But the Pretender wasn't a bad creature, he seemed to have just lost his way." With this said, Gecko kept her chin up, helping the Pretender in any way possible but in the end it failed. *She walks across the silent room to look out through the hole in the tree, a different view then the season before* She didn't understand what it was she did wrong, or rather what she always seems to do wrong but the Pretender reassured Gecko that it indeed wasn't her fault. But she wasn't alone, there was a creature...a mysterious creature with kindness...

*Gecko continues to look out the hole of the tree, the wind has grown colder as it's slowly fading into yet another season* "Sometimes I wonder, is all of this just one type of temporary season? If so...when will the warm, caring season come?" After a recent letter received from Dragon, whom also returned to his distant land, Gecko was left with a deeper sense of loneliness and not only this...but regret and a feeling that perhaps...it is better to be alone. But hiding, in the shadows lies the mysterious creature that in so many ways resemble the Dragon's old ways, how he used to hold her tiny figure in his strong arms only to protect her from all the evil that surrounded her, everything except the deceitful, unknowing trance. But even so...this creature has yet to be identified and although Gecko has let him in she remains cautious and scared of what he may become... *She looks away from outside and covers herself with a leaf, quietly* "The bruises you left me have disappeared, the bleeding scars are still healing but Dragon...you have left me with much more pain then ever." *Looking down at the ground she curls into a tight ball, holding the leaf closer to her, tears fall quietly* "I can no longer trust, I can no longer hope and I can no longer try for love...thanks to you."


& Are you there

So shines a star in the darkest night. [Friday
May 21st]
[ mood | happy ]

Gecko became more obsessed with the Matron's crystal ball, the aged jewel it was, in hopes to meet with her friend the blue Dragon once more but he was busy, he travelled, he sought adventure and knowledge...all the things she wanted to do. *Gecko sighs, runs her hand over the crystal's surface, the glow fades* "No chance of seeing him today." *Gecko leaves the comfort of the cave and travels to her first career (a place full of knowledge on creatures). She checks the schedule of animals she was to work with, gasps* "He's...here."

It had been weeks since her encounter with the Dragon, the towering creature with the strong claws that didn't seem to be as crude as they seemed. *Looks down at her small hands, smiles* "His grasp was actually quite gentle." *Gecko continues to wander into the small area where she first met him* There was no possible way that the Dragon would remember her, such a small, meaningless creature compared to him. It was true that after introducing herself once more that Gecko not only remembered his name but continued to think about it. *She's about to turn a corner but stops in her tracks, the Dragon is seen but he doesn't see her, she hides from his sight quickly, quietly* "If he doesn't remember me I don't see why I can't just be myself." *Gecko turns the corner, walking with a little extra skip, she smiles at him. Surprisingly he smiles back* "Hey Gecko, long time no see." *Blinks, she is left speechless* Not only does he smile and greet her...but he remembers her name.

She lied to herself continously. *Gecko smiles nervously at him* He was so wonderful, his eyes, his smile, but he appeared to have at least 4 more rotations then her...why would he ever be interested? She decided to look at other creatures that appeared more acceptable, closer to her amount of rotations. Not only this but whoever said that a romance based on a career was the best, sometimes it was best to concentrate on animals with similar hobbies. *Gecko blinks slightly, she thinks back to the blue Dragon but is then led away to control the currency, she can't help but look over to the small area in hopes to catch a glimpse* The place was nearly empty, most of the creatures in the forest were off in celebration of the holiday, too busy to stop in. *She leans over the counter, looking over once again at Dragon, he smiles and begins to walk over* "What do I say, what do I do?!" *Dragon stands close to her and begins to strike up a conversation of hobbies* It turns out that Gecko was wrong in the amount of rotations he had against her, he only had almost 2 rotations against her 16. Not only this but it turns out that he was attending a far off land in the near future to continue the study of his trade: Computer Science. *Gecko giggles lightly, looking away from him but his smile remains in her eyes* "He's really smart too, I'm sure he can teach me so much that I never thought was possible."

After a long sun's work, Gecko also learned that Dragon had an interest in games which was convenient since she also had a curiosity for the topic. This was a good sign, they had something in common although it appeared that his passion was much stronger then hers. *She leaves the accommodation and he slowly follows her from a distance* "I was curious if you weren't doing something during the next sun, would you like to attend a picture and perhaps grab a bite to eat?" It's at this time that Gecko feels her heart beat faster, her legs feel weak yet it becomes hard for her to move them. *She looks up at him, his stunning blue eyes look at her gently, Gecko can feel herself becoming lost once more in their depths, she smiles* "I would like that." *The Peon comes along to escort her back to the cave, leaving the Dragon behind*

*Gecko enters the cave on her own, Peon leaves once more to an unknown destination* The cave is empty, the Matron and Mooch are nowhere to be found. *She retreats to her room, passing by the crystal ball that lays, waiting to be used. She looks into the mirror and smiles* "Who needs to celebrate when I have a date with a stunning creature like him?"

During this time Gecko could only think about her next encounter with the Dragon, sadly forgetting about the blue Dragon, whom she had so much in common with and had connected with, for the rest of the day. Gecko failed to return to the crystal ball, this was the first time in a great while that she wasn't shrouded in its gleam. Was he there waiting for her arrival on the other side...this she would never know.


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In an unexpected place can conclusions be found? [Saturday
May 8th]
[ mood | hopeful ]

Certain creatures can't be forgotten but Gecko always had a habit of getting ahead of herself and messing up the order of things. Sometime after Puppy and before Dragon, it was another creature that came along...

Blue Dragon: Being lonely, Gecko found herself using the Matron's crystal ball more and more for company in hopes to find an animal or creature she could talk to, relate to, and most of all one that didn't dwell in the forest where she lived. Strangely, and perhaps by the hand of Destiny, it only took once to meet such a creature. Using the alias of an angel, Gecko wandered into a gathering place of creatures and animals all around the world and what could be better then this? She was not only attracting the attention of creatures with her spunky personality but the alias also caught the eye of the males. Gecko ignored the mating calls until they became too unpleasant. As she was about to escape from this place, a creature came to her...not with mating calls but with an interest in her skill: Art. Gecko was struck back by this creature and wondered what he truly was on the other side, they spoke of the arts and travel. *Gecko blinks surprisingly, her heart strangely beats faster* It was then concluded that this creature was in a distant land, taking part in a long journey in hopes to reach a goal similar to her own. "What are you?" She found herself asking not only through the crystal ball but aloud as well, she was not prepared for his response. "A dragon, a blue dragon." *Geckos heart skips a beat, jaw opens widely* Gecko had never met a dragon before, and to make it more exciting...a blue one. Blue dragons were more artistic then regular dragons, along with being more active and the chances in finding one...rare. As they continued talking, Gecko discovered that they had much in common with their feelings, interests and even some beliefs although the conversation at times ran dry. When she thought things couldn't get better, a photo was sent to her of the blue Dragon and she was struck with awe and perhaps passion as well. He was tall, this being expected of dragons, his scales had a light blue hue, glasses were placed on his nose. Dark blue spikes ran down his back, his wings were black on the outside, but not menacing, while the inner wing was spread with a similar light blue. *Gecko blinks, looks closer* "Those brown eyes, they are so gentle...filled with compassion and curiosity. It's true what they said, dragons are so handsome." She became lost in the blue Dragon's eyes which struck her as odd considering she was so fond of blue eyes. Breaking her concentration Gecko sent a photo in return, the blue Dragon's response surprised her. He thought she was better looking then he expected, which was a bonus with being giddy and smart. The only problem was..."A goblin, he thinks I'm a goblin?" *Gecko slouches backwards on the rock, blinks* Had he never met a gecko before? It's true that she had some characteristics of a goblin but she knew she deffinatly wasn't. The time they spent talking seemed to fly by, it was now daker when compared to the beginning of their conversation and it was time for him to leave. *Gecko runs her hand over the crystal, the glow diminishes, she smiles to herself* "If I could break free from this cage I would surely visit a far away land."

Gecko knew that meeting the blue Dragon was near impossible but she couldn't help but wonder and add him to her list of dreams.

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The first steps. [Friday
April 30th]
[ mood | surprised ]

Gecko hoped that this quest would start off simple but over time, and much labor later, the Mooch came wandering into the clan. At first things seemed fine but it wasn't until later that Gecko noticed the Matron taking his advice to heart for everything and not thinking for herself as much as before. It was then that the harsh times became worse. Gecko was left alone at such a vulnerable age, not quite a hatchling and nowhere near an adult, the Matron leaving her alone to fend for herself with no food, no company and most of all...no love. The Peon along with his gang drank so much fire water with the Matron absent that it caused Gecko to hide in fear. It was then that she looked towards the other creatures of the forest, at this time there was Kitten, Tree Frog, Llama, Squirrel and Puppy, out of these Tree Frog and Puppy were her protectors. For once she felt appreciated...

Puppy: Gecko met Puppy at the middle academy stage. At first Puppy laughed at her because of their difference in appearence, he had fur and she had scales. Over time he learned that she was indeed as harmless as geckos are said to be and their friendship grew. When Gecko looked at Puppy, she saw energetic, wild eyes that weren't afraid to try anything which she believed followed her own heart...if only she knew that this would harm her much later. Over time Puppy and the Gecko decided to try for a relationship and for awhile...it was perfect when out of no where something went wrong. One day he went out for a walk outside of the forest where they lived and he met another creature, one Gecko never met...one she was never suppose to know about and it was then that he attacked with her guard down.

Gecko dragged herself to the small creek that runs through the valley in the forest where she washed her wounds in the waters and tears that flowed from her eyes. Thoughts of self mutilation crept slowly to mind...it was then she thought of the Weeper and how she swore never to be like him. Gecko slowly left the brook behind but the loneliness, pain and scars remained and would continue to stay for some time. Shortly after this, she started in her first career, a place full of knowledge on creatures...some she knew and some she didn't. A wonderful experience indeed but perhaps the most pleasing was her first encounter with the Dragon...

The Dragon: A journal grasped in her small hands and excitement for this new wisdom, Gecko wandered into a small area where she saw him. He stood calmly all on his own, his claws working skillfully, the spikes running down his neck and back were covered in red tips, his eyes a stunning blue. Gecko was lost for words, caught in his unknowing trance and most of all...she liked it. It wasn't until she was almost up to him that the Dragon lifted his head at her and smiled. *Gecko blinks, her heart beats faster* His smile was so kind, she heard stories of this species, some good but mostly sneaky and sly. With her fair eyes and inoccent smile, Gecko approached with a question. "This may sound funny but I was curious if you knew which canaries were most likely to sing, male or female?" Coming from such a small creature as herself Gecko wondered what kept this Dragon from squishing her under his powerful hands but instead he smiled kindly at her and answered. "Why it is the male canaries that sing, this way they attract a mate." Gecko's heart skipped a beat, his voice was serene, tranquil, it caused her to slip farther into his spell. *Dragon brings his claw out and introduces himself, Gecko takes his hand in hers and shakes it* As of not to make herself to much of a bother she wandered away but couldn't help return some time later with another question, but something was amiss...she had forgotten his name. It was then that Gecko came up with a plan, a procedure so crafty it even surprised her. *Gecko walks up to the towering creature with confidence, Dragon looks down at her and smiles. Suddenly, she puts her hand out and introduces herself. The Dragon, so confused and shocked at the moment takes her hand in his and shakes* "Didn't we do this already?" *Gecko smiles with the last of her spunk, makes a questioning look as she still shakes his claw* "Yea we did, didn't we?" *Gecko looks down at the journal in her hands, looks back up at him* "What is so special about the Mickey Mouse fish?"

This was the last Gecko saw of Dragon, but her mind went to thoughts of him and she couldn't help but wonder if a creature such as himself would ever remember a small reptilian like her. But she knew she would.


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