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"National Bankruptcy Day" New law goes into effect Feb 10th

'The road to hell is paved with good intentions.'
Well, I have no clue how many people this likely will effect here, but apparently the government in their infinate wisdom want to go all gestapo and protect the American public from themselves.

National Bankruptcy Day article
The actual law

All product on the shelves as of February 10th 2009 and after -whether it is old stock or not, has to have special certificates to be sold (specifically if it can be considered to have use for children under 12 -or if that is the products target group). It's unknown whether or not this applies to resale of older toys of which are sometimes collected by adults, but the law does say 'any' item even if it was previous 'old stock'. Church groups have already had to have put a stop to the making of simple quilts, knit blankets, baby caps, and children's clothing -all of which is typically donated or used to raise funds - simply because of the fact the new law requires all that fabric and yarn to be tested. This new law also applies to books as well.

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So, this new law pretty much effects everyone. The little old lady across the street who made blankets and donated them to families in need can no longer do so. The school library will now have to spend even more money testing their books to make sure that they are safe for kids -which will amount in probably higher taxes for the communities they serve. The adult who makes stuffed animals and gives them out as gifts will be effected -each differently colored fabric has to be tested. That comic book store with all the collectible figures (not to mention comic books) wont be able to sell them as well under the new law cause hey -that figure was primarily intended for a kid when it came out.

At least now Toys R Us's massive inventory clearance sale makes sense. I asked an associate there why the store seemed to have almost everything clearanced. She stated that they had to make room for new stock since a great deal of it did not sell at Christmas time... Still though, it didn't make sense to me that almost the whole store was marked, though knowing about this new law going into effect makes perfect sense now.