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Lori's Musings

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My name is Lori, I'm a long time anime fan. One of my fav. series is Sailor Moon. I love photography, music and cosplay.


I have made a few props in the past. They were the Outer Sailor Senshi wands as seen on my deviantart account. The Pluto one was used with my Halloween costume that year. After making that one (skirt, collar, bows attached to store brought body suit) and a Chibimoon one for my then 1 year old daughter, I stopped sewing for a few years. A few years after that I started to experimented a little with making plushies. I sacrificed an Irwin Sailor Mars doll to see how they ticked. Since that turned out successfully, I was encouraged by my family to try making costumes roughly 3 years ago... and here I am ^_^

The first thing I started were a few accessories for my oldest daughter's Sailor Moon costume that she was going to wear on Halloween. That was followed by a black (velvet-like material) cloak for my son and a Kagome outfit for the oldest. After that came a pair of costumes for myself and my husband from FMA. The most recent thing I've made have been our Azalyn and Tylor costumes. I usually just pour my energies into making two costumes a year. Once they are completed, I don't sew anything again for a few months so that I can keep myself from burning out.


Photography is my first love. Ever since the age of 6 I've had a camera in my hands. My first camera was a Polaroid Instamatic. What is that you ask? Simple -do you remember seeing those square photos that people sometimes wave around while it's developing? Thats a Polaroid.
My next camera was a Vivitar 110 that faced many a battle. It fought bravely from when it was given to me (4th grade) till my Jr year of high school. Despite the small negative size, it took rather nice pictures and I always was happy with the results. My Sr. year I finally was able to take the photography classes I wanted to take since entering High school. Upon this momentous occasion I was granted ownership of my father's Canon AE-1 slr. This camera has been my trusty side kick going everywhere from school/college, a few States, a very large civil war re-enactment (Gettysburg 1998) and a Wedding here and there. This camera was finally retired last year. It still comes out to play occasionally. My current camera is a Canon Digital Rebel XT. Once I get a new scanner, I'll be able to finally scan in my negatives and update my deviant art page. Currently, I enjoy melding my love for photography and my enjoyment of cosplay with con photography. Some examples are on the aforementioned Deviantart page. ^_^


Everyone loves music. I've been a clarinetist for roughly *blink* twenty years now. Wow, does that make me feel old. I started the summer before my 5th grade year. If you've read this far, congrats, you now know how old I am. I've been in Band, Orchestra (Jr. High only), Wind Ensemble( Jr. year I think), Marching Band (soph-sr year), and I even played in the little musical group that did music during Mass for a while. That, I think was a bit challenging as it was my first real experience with having to play music purely by ear instead of nice and safe sheet music. ^_^ For anyone who is curious, it was a Spanish language Mass.

*Clarification of "Gaming" interest -Role Playing Games such as Heros Unlimited, Palladium or other stuff... Haven't tried D&D yet *shock* but I will some day :D

Ok, so now that you know too much information about me, here is the general purpose of this journal. :D

This Journal's purpose

This was originally intended to be a cosplay-in-progress journal. Due to various causes, this ended up becoming a Selling-journal instead. I'd like to go back to my original plans and feature Cosplay and other stuff more often. I'll keep the selling part up as well. I do not know if I want to consolidate it down to fewer posts, or ship it off entirely to another LJ account. I suppose time will tell.

What are you still doing here? Shoo! :P

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