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FS: Science Fiction, fantasy, STAR WARS, paperpacks and hardcovers [Mar. 17th, 2010|01:59 pm]
Science Fiction and Fantasy Novels
Paperbacks and Hard-Covers
Now $9.50 each for Hard Covers
$3.25 for Paperbacks.

I'll consider reasonable price breaks at my discretion. :D

Closeup of mark I mentioned on Destiny's Way:

Apparently it also just slightly marked the book spine itself. Its pretty shallow.

Star Wars New Jedi Order novels -Hardcover- A good chunk of the Series

Vector Prime -slight shelfware/scuff on bottom edge dustcover -Very Good
Dark Tide -compilation: Onslaught and Ruin -Like New
Agents of Chaos -compilation: Heroe's Trial and Jedi Eclipse -Like New
Edge of Victory -compilation: Conquest and Rebirth -Like New
Destiny's Way -1.5" long slit on dstcvr -book+everything else great -Very Good
Force Heretic -compilation: Remnant, Refugee and Reunion -Like New
The Unifying Force -odd book pretty good/great -Verygood/great.

The Hand OF Thrawn -HARDCOVER-:
Spector of the Past -Great
Vison of the Future -slight shelfware on bottom edge dustcvr -Great/Very Good

Other Star Wars books:

Survivor's Quest -dustcover has slight mark on it -HARDCOVER- -Great/Very Good


Corellian Trilogy -all three parts -very good/good condition
normal wear on books . No tears.
Hard Cover Novels:

Mercedes Lackey: Exile's Honor -sold-
Mercedes Lackey: Exile's Valor
-both are part of the Valdemar series

David Eddings : Sapphire Rose (1992 First Edition)</i>