galexia_ (galexia_) wrote,

The Stars Shine Bright...

A few nights ago (August 4th or 5th), we were treated to a glorious night sky complete with falling stars. Overhead, we were able to see even more of the Milky Way than we had been able to before in this state. This makes me curious as to what conditions exactly helped this along. There was no haze, and I believe it might have been a moonless night. Is it possible that Chicago, being 1hour-1:30 hours east of us, and having various other towns south of us w/ partial power outages could have contributed to this? Or was it just one of those cases of being "In the right place at the right time?" I believe we were out at around 9:30-10pm in our back yard, though there is a chance it could have been later. In any case, it was nice to see so many twinkling bright stars. Venus burned brightly, and the Northern Star was very much visible as well.

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