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If Wishes Were Fishes (Wishlist) updated

I am looking to embrace your weak and weary anime dolls. Perhaps you have a Sailor Senshi that did one too many Love-Me Chains or Halations and now needs a reprieve... Or maybe a Magical Girl that did one too many transformations. Well, I'd like to be the girl who grants her one.

I am mainly looking for loose dream pocket dolls in decent/good condition. I am also interested in Sailor Moon (and Slayers) Cels.

I would also like to aquire dreampocket dolls that may have been "too well loved" and as such, probably lost their shine in their current owner's eyes.
I would like to try and restore them to former glory or even grant them a new life as another
character if the battle wounds are too sever.

Aside from those, I'd also be interested in certain manga volumes, anime artbooks, anime cels, other anime dolls, and other anime figures.

Series that I am specifically (but not limited to) interested in:
Slayers, Sailor Moon, Evangelion, Shakugan no Shana, Cardcaptor Sakura, Fullmetal Alchemist, Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne, Pretty Cure, Fruits Basket, The Irresponsible Captain Tylor, Cutey Honey Flash...

I love mahou shoujo, but I also really enjoy Science Fiction, Fantasy and Comedy.

Specific Items I am looking for:
Sailor Moon Loose Dreampocket/Mini World Dolls:

*(stars) Jupiter, Venus and Mercury
*(SM World minis)Venus-boxed or just her box. Saturn's box and Glaive.
* I'd also like to try and get all the PGSM series dolls, specifically Sailor Luna. Mint in Box, NRFB, loose+ displayed, or used and played with are fine with me.


11.5" dolls:
   Eternal Myu doll:
   * Gloves, and a boot.

   Sailor Uranus (Japanese):
   * a pair of shoes, or even 1 shoe

    ESM's wand
    Saturn's Glaive

In general: Both Irwin and Japan shoes, gloves, tiaras :D
I'd also like misc accessories like wands or staffs. Thanks :D

6" dreampocket / mini collection line dolls:
      General: Tiaras, stands and shoes are appreciated. ^_^

     Stars era Eternal Sailor Moon:
     * Her pocket, her headband, and her gloves.

      Sera Myu Mars:
      * 2 shoes

      Sera Myu Eternal Sailor Moon:
      * glove(s) and  box...
      Sera Myu Sailor Chibi Moon:
      *  box, boots, gloves, costume...

      Sera Myu Jupiter:
      * gloves

      Sera Myu Uranus:
      * gloves, shoes
       Sera Myu Venus:

      Sera Myu Inners + Outers:
      Inners carrying case box, tiaras for both inners and outers
      SM World Sailor Venus:
       * box.

      SM World Sailor Saturn:
       * box, glaive.

Sailormoon World Minis:

Sailormoon Stars Dream pockets

Sailormoon musical (Sera Myu) dreampockets/minis:

I'd love it if they all came with their pockets. I understand that it may not be possible. I also understand that she may be previously loved. I'd be happy to give her a new home. If her hair is really tangled, that is ok. I can probably salvage it.

If she is in anything other than "only displayed" condition, I would really like to see a couple pictures. :D

Trading wise:

I also have some cards (sailor moon) and pencilboards (various series) to trade.

I'd be willing to work out trades for stuff listed in my selling journal.
Apart from that, I am able to pay quickly via paypal.

Thanks for any help, and thank you for reading this ^_^
Tags: accessories, artbooks, captain tylor, ccs, cel, dolls, evangelion, figures, manga, sailor moon, shana, slayers
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