galexia_ (galexia_) wrote,

Just a few details on Buying things

If you actually live (remotely) near me, we can arrange to have a pickup done for your purchases. That way you can avoid shipping costs on items that are heavy like books. A public place would be best, like in front of a Walmart, or at a Mall or something.
If you pay w/ paypal and wish this to be an option you must:
Make note in comment box that you are picking this up locally.
Sign and date a form/paper stating you recieved your goods.

Or, if you wish to do local pickup + pay via money order or cash, you can avoid that

As I've mentioned before, I am willing to ship anywhere in the world, including US APO (military addresses).

I will try to ship out either the day I recieve payment, or the next if possible.

I accept payment via Paypal, Moneyorder, International Postal Moneyorder, (well hidden)Cash, and cashier's cheques. I do not accept personal checks.

Everything is from a non-smoking, pet free home.

I am able to ship out via parcle post, media mail, first class, priority mail, and in the case you want it there super fast, fedex and ups. I believe there is also a Priority Mail version for international buyers as well. Media Mail and Parcel Post are US domestic Mail options. Basically, if the postoffice offers it as an option, I would be fine with sending that way.

I offer insurance as a recommended option. I highly suggest that if you buy something rare, like an out of print item or animation production art, that you request this. I think the starting price is $1.65 for insurance

Please feel free to ask any questions and email me. I am able to supply additional pictures usually upon request.

Thanks + have fun looking around! :D

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