Natalie (galaxie_) wrote,

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this is ridiculous

Today, I was informed that it is against Guess dress code to wear flip flops.
I nearly cried. I don't own anything BUT flip flops.

So, Nev and I went shopping. I bought three pairs of nearly identical ballet flats. Black, white and silver. I hope they don't think they're getting me to wear heels at work, because it's not gonna fucking happen. EVER. (ok maybe just my comfy black nine west pumps, but NO OTHERS)

Seriously though. I was kind of pissed off. You'd think that it would be something Randy would have informed me of seeing as I have been to 7 interviews with Guess, 6 of which I wore flip flops to. And a couple of times it was RAINING.

I seriously think I am having a life crisis.
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