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so, school, ae, and Tim's visit

I think I am going to register for school on Monday!
How freaking sweet-tacular is that?
Thompson Rivers University - Open Learning, here I come for the second time! This time for Bachelor of English...I have decided to STOP being in denial and accept the fact that I am destined to be a teacher.

In other news, I handed in my resignation at American Eagle today. It was so weird...Laina took it very well. I start at Guess on August 13. I don't know if I'm training in Toronto that week or what's going to happen - I suppose I will find out within the next week. I'm excited and nervous and sad (to leave AE) all at the same time!

Tim sent me 18 red roses and a little note today. What a sweet surprise! He thinks he ruined the surprise by asking if anything came for me yesterday, but he didn't. I had no idea WHAT was coming! The sneaky guy ordered the flowers while he was still here, at a time when I was in the shower! Anyhow, I love red roses (he guessed it, too!), and these ones are very fragrant. My room smells delicious. The last two days have been tough without him around. I got so used to him just being here all the time that it is definitely going to take a little while to adjust to living my daily life without seeing him. So, it's back to our 2-5+ hours per day on the phone - but don't get me wrong, I'm certainly not complaning about the amount of time we get to talk for :) And I'm going to take advantage of it now, because once he starts school again and I start my new job, we're both going to be busy (and have to go to bed at a decent hour, especially him), so we may not have the ability to talk as much. I hope that's not the case, but hey, it's possible. As for his visit, it was AWESOME. I don't really know what to write because it really had nothing to do with what we did, but rather how it felt. It felt amazing to be around him all the time, to wake up next to him, and you know, actually be able to hug and kiss and all that good stuff :) It was nice to show him Vancouver and talk about our future plans and just BE TOGETHER. I'm going to Miami for 10 days during the last week of September or first week of October and I can't wait! I know it's still not "soon", but I'm excited and it can't come soon enough! OH - and he took me out for dinner at my favourite restaurant (Blue Water Cafe in Yaletown) and I convinced him to try - ok, ok - insisted that he try sushi again, and guess what? HE LIKED IT! Rad. Now we can share in the deliciousness of my favourite food!

I should go to bed.
I tried once but was too's couldy and windy.
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