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Well, the last few days have been pure hell. It's been so hard on me trying to adjust to not having Grady around all the time that I'm not quite sure what to do with myself. This sucks bigtime. I know it will get easier with time (at least I hope to heck it does), but at this point in time it's so hard to believe. It's still SO difficult for me to grasp the idea that's he's actually, really gone...blah...I should probably try to stop thinking of it right now or I'm going to get even more's 1:00am there and he still hasn't called, he said he'd call around 7:00 our time so yeah =(

My training is going well at's pretty easy stuff to catch on to. Serena said I'd be at my own desk on Monday, I don't know if it's for sure yet or what but I hope that I'll be trained enough by then to feel comfortable placing orders and answering the phones on my own.

time to watch American Idol...awwwww Ruben's on!


ps ... this is my sorry for 2004 =\
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