January 23rd, 2004



I just bought my pre-sale tickets to KELLY CLARKSON and Clay Aiken in Seattle! WOOOHOOO!

I'm sooo excited, I got sweet seats this time too.
Grime, where are your seats?

I'm section AA (floor), Row 33, Seats 17 and 18.
Cost me $106.55 USD though, ouch! It works out to approx $140 CDN after the exchange, but it's going to be SOOOO worth it! I do have over 2 months to pay my mommy back (she let me put it on her credit card).

I hate to say it, but I heard that Clay Aiken song, Invisible on the radio in the car home from Grady's today, and it's actually really good, so maybe I'll actually enjoy both Kelly and Clay!

I donno who I'm going with though, Grady said that if no one else wants to go then he'll come for sure 'cause he knows how bad I wanna go =)

I'm off to be excited!! eep!
April 8th, HERE I COME!!!!

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