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I need to give myself a pedicure. I stubbed my right baby toe a few minutes ago and nearly the entire nail broke off. It doesn't even hurt though, and it didn't bleed. Is that weird?

Floorset tomorrow. Exciting, it's been awhile since I've done one! Reggie and I finished all of mens prep today, and tomorrow David is going to pull and prep bustforms. I'm SO glad Reg and I finished because I was a little worried that floorset was going to be a bit of a disaster...thankfully, I think it will run just fine!

There is a really, really cute pair of shoes I want from footlocker. The only problem is, they're Nike :( I still haven't decided if I will buy them or not. The last Nike item I bought was a sports bra when I was like 16, and even then I only bought it because it was the ONLY one that fit me properly.


In the good (read: effing awesome) news department, it is only 25 days until I leave for Miami! Yahoo! Thank goodness because I have been going through severe boyfriend withdrawls as of late. I miss my Tim!
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