happy times

Black Friday!!

So, I waited out in the cold/rain/wet snow for 3 hours at Best Buy in Bellingham and this is what I got:

*Canon PowerShot SD600 Digital Elph - $220 (this baby is smaller than my Visa!)
*Kodak EasyShare 7.1mpx - $120 (for my mom)
*2gb memory card (x2) - $30 each
*3 camera cases - $10 each

Needless to say, I'm pretty darn psyched about that! The Canon is my Christmas gift from my Mom, and the Kodak is to replace her Olympus that I broke, and part of her Christmas gift since the Olympus was getting totally outdated anyways. I didn't have to pay duty at the border, so I wish I had stocked up on more stuff! They had so much great stuff on for soooooo dirt cheap, it was so hard to resist!

After Best Buy I hit up Bellis Fair at around 6am, and for $100 total I got a Hurley zip hoodie, an Abercrombie pull-over hoodie, and a Fox tote bag. Not too shabby if you ask me!

Overall, I'm happy with the success of my Black Friday extravaganza! I just wish that I had been able to get that $380 laptop at Best Buy and that Abercrombie had a better sale on because they were reaaaally lacking in the el cheapo deals department. Maybe next year I won't have to pull an all-nighter to participate in the madness (read: greatness).
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I'm crazy

It's freakin freezing outside, and I am about to drive to Bellingham to line up outside of best buy so I can get my hot little hands on a Canon camera for $220. That, my friends, is dedication! Me, lined up in the rain/cold/possible snow for 2+ hours? CRAZY.

Hmm, I hope they have some other good deals. I want the Justin Timberlake CD for $2.99.

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So, nevermind.
It can work, but not quite yet.
Ahhhh, so close. So fucking close. :*(
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wish me luck...

So, I did something incredibly brave and nerve racking on Tuesday morning.
I can't say what, because I don't want to jinx it.
BUT, if it works out, it will change my life. I will be living the life I have been dreaming of since March. Until now, it has felt so out of reach, but now it is so close I can taste it.

I have butterflies in my stomach.
In fact, my fingers shake a little when I think about it.
I kind of want to cry.
I don't get like this.
I do now.

So, wish me luck.
And if you want, cross your fingers (arms, legs, toes, eyes) for me!!
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(no subject)

I need to give myself a pedicure. I stubbed my right baby toe a few minutes ago and nearly the entire nail broke off. It doesn't even hurt though, and it didn't bleed. Is that weird?

Floorset tomorrow. Exciting, it's been awhile since I've done one! Reggie and I finished all of mens prep today, and tomorrow David is going to pull and prep bustforms. I'm SO glad Reg and I finished because I was a little worried that floorset was going to be a bit of a disaster...thankfully, I think it will run just fine!

There is a really, really cute pair of shoes I want from footlocker. The only problem is, they're Nike :( I still haven't decided if I will buy them or not. The last Nike item I bought was a sports bra when I was like 16, and even then I only bought it because it was the ONLY one that fit me properly.


In the good (read: effing awesome) news department, it is only 25 days until I leave for Miami! Yahoo! Thank goodness because I have been going through severe boyfriend withdrawls as of late. I miss my Tim!
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(no subject)

What's up with the word "promise"?
I mean, I take it pretty seriously. If I promise, I'll do it.
Why do people use it so lightly?
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blue hawaiian

(no subject)

I just realized that I have been fasting for the last 27 hours BY ACCIDENT.

Does booze (specifically blue hawaiians) count as food?

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this is ridiculous

Today, I was informed that it is against Guess dress code to wear flip flops.
I nearly cried. I don't own anything BUT flip flops.

So, Nev and I went shopping. I bought three pairs of nearly identical ballet flats. Black, white and silver. I hope they don't think they're getting me to wear heels at work, because it's not gonna fucking happen. EVER. (ok maybe just my comfy black nine west pumps, but NO OTHERS)

Seriously though. I was kind of pissed off. You'd think that it would be something Randy would have informed me of seeing as I have been to 7 interviews with Guess, 6 of which I wore flip flops to. And a couple of times it was RAINING.

I seriously think I am having a life crisis.
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last day at AE...

Goodbye American Eagle.

Today was my last day, officially. Boy was it tough.
I did the LP Audit at Pacific Centre and Teresa was in doing a store visit evaluation. When she was leaving we stepped out of the store and sat down on the benches outside. We talked for about 15 minutes about my time at AE and she had a lot of nice things to say. I was really surprised and touched at the recognition she gave me. She told me that she wishes me the best and that she hopes Guess works out for me, but if it doesn't that I will always have a "home" at AE. That made me feel really good. It's so hard for me to leave a year and a eight months of super hard work. Let's be honest, I have busted my ass left, right and centre for both stores and I feel like I'm leaving with a whole lot of experience and tons of lessons to teach.

Yesterday was my last day with Orri and Kevin. They both made me cry. And today Teresa and Dionne made me cry while I was in PC. The hardest part was leaving Robson tonight, though. I cried like a little baby, and people on the street stared at me because I was crying while I was walking to my car. It was especially hard since Ronnie was closing. Man, I'm going to miss him! I can honestly say I've never had so much fun working with just one other person - my favourite Robson memories are defintely from the days during the winter and spring when it was just Ronnie and me working. You know, when we'd barely have any overlap and we'd just joke around and have fun. Maaaaaaan what a great store I had. I mean, really. The lame politics aside, there are some really, really great people there and I am going to miss them all like crazy. I wish that I could take them all with me! Nah, I just wish that I could take over the Robson store and not have to deal with you-know-who and you-also-know-who. How sweet would THAT be? Alas, it's not meant to be.

Anyhow, it was an awesome experience. I'm soooo glad for it. I will miss all my little ones but I'll be right next door.

I spent $600+ today.
I kind of have buyers remorse. WTF? I don't get that!

Tim's away on his RA retreat for the weekend. I haven't had a chance to really talk to him much all week, with the exception of a couple of nights where I kept him up to a solid 3:30am his time. Ahhh I wish I could talk to him right now...ah well. Sunday afternoon when he gets back to campus we'll have time to catch up on each others' weekends and all that good stuff. I bought another phone card today just in case :) The countdown is on 'til September 22 :)
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You heard it here first, folks!
Wow, finally. I feel so...relieved.
I can't wait for my texts to get here to I can start cracking on English 100. My program advisor told me that I could probably do it in my sleep. haha.

Anyyyyyyway, I am psyched. Woohoooooooo!
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