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I'm an obtuse man, so I'll try to be oblique


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Hello, ladies. I'm, uh, in China.

I've been here for almost two weeks and I'm enjoying it so far. The depth of the poverty in which most people around here live was rather shocking at first and I spent the last weekend rather depressed as a result. But now, I'm feeling better, I guess. I'm teaching now, I like my students, yeah. Good shit.

I'm planning to stay at this university for at least 18 months, but it's probably going to be more like 24 or so months before I do anything else. Why? Because I want to learn Mandarin, basically. And also because I'm going to have a very difficult time finding anything that compares to the deal I have here.

My pay is at least twice the average for this city, so I have more money than I can spend. Not that there's much to spend it on, though, because this is mostly a college town and everyone is so poor they don't have any bars or clubs here. Basically, anything people do for fun back home, for the most part, isn't done here, because no one can afford it. That just means that I'm going to be traveling a lot at some point, though. Mostly around China. I wanna go to Thailand and Russia and some other countries in southeast Asia as well, but that might not happen. There's unrest in Bangkok, and the parts of Russia worth visiting seem rather far away and I've heard that it costs a mint just to get to a place like Moscow or St. Petersburg.

Um, anyway, I'm going to be creating a new journal in a second. Stand by. And add it if you want to hear about my stupid misadventures here.

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Exciting! Looking forward to reading about your adventures.

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