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I'm an obtuse man, so I'll try to be oblique


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So I've finally been offered a job, but...
me: so i might not get this job after all
CaptainBillstro: wtf
me: because the people who fixed me up with this university fucked up really badly
apparently i was needed in china this week
CaptainBillstro: wow
me: but naturally i don't have my visa yet and i haven't gotten vaccinated or gotten my physical
and all that is gonna take a couple of weeks, probably
CaptainBillstro: owned
me: eyah
i was really excited about this job, too
i'm gonna be so fucking mad if they screwed this up
my mom already spent $160 on my visa
CaptainBillstro: owned
me: and if i move my physical up, i'm gonna have to get it from a doctor outside of my network
and same with the vaccinations
so there's several hundred more dolalrs
they might reimburse me, but i don't know
CaptainBillstro: you can't get fucking shots in less than two weeks?
me: i think i could get some f them next week, but i'd have to pay the full price for them
hep a and b alone would cost over $160
CaptainBillstro: owned

I'd say more, but blah. I don't feel like explaining all this crap from the very beginning right now. The point is there's a pretty good chance that I'm going to stay unemployed for even longer than I thought. And that sucks donkey balls because I'm pretty sick of being a broke loser who lives with his mom.