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I'm an obtuse man, so I'll try to be oblique


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how deep is your love?
Yesterday, I was tempted not to go out because I was afraid that even though it was my intention to go home early if I went out at all, I'd crave and succumb. I mean, I was already planning to drink, but not nearly as much as I actually did. Uh, a pitcher of Busch, two pitchers of Stone IPA, an Arrogant Bastard (I drink, therefore I am) and a really spicy (just the way I like it) Bloody Mary. And then this morning, a Spark (7.0) and a tall can of King Cobra.

I have not slept in more than 24 hours.

Anyway, uh, I'm trying to get this job in China. Doing what? Teaching rich Chinese kids how to take the SAT and get into college here. Why? I'll let them tell you why, at least in a general sense.

But personally, I want to learn a third language. I always knew that if that was ever going to happen, it would be Mandarin, and I feel like this is my chance to finally do it. And the company I'm trying to work for is trying to make inroads into China right now, and I'd play a big role in making that happen. And did I mention that they're already established in Japan? Did I mention that I studied abroad there for a year on a scholarship from the Japanese government and that I know Japanese?

I need this job. I need to work for this firm. I will work for this firm.

You know, assuming all goes according to my plan. I've messed up before. Messing up is practically all I know how to do anymore. But don't tell them.