Hello, ladies. I'm, uh, in China.

I've been here for almost two weeks and I'm enjoying it so far. The depth of the poverty in which most people around here live was rather shocking at first and I spent the last weekend rather depressed as a result. But now, I'm feeling better, I guess. I'm teaching now, I like my students, yeah. Good shit.

I'm planning to stay at this university for at least 18 months, but it's probably going to be more like 24 or so months before I do anything else. Why? Because I want to learn Mandarin, basically. And also because I'm going to have a very difficult time finding anything that compares to the deal I have here.

My pay is at least twice the average for this city, so I have more money than I can spend. Not that there's much to spend it on, though, because this is mostly a college town and everyone is so poor they don't have any bars or clubs here. Basically, anything people do for fun back home, for the most part, isn't done here, because no one can afford it. That just means that I'm going to be traveling a lot at some point, though. Mostly around China. I wanna go to Thailand and Russia and some other countries in southeast Asia as well, but that might not happen. There's unrest in Bangkok, and the parts of Russia worth visiting seem rather far away and I've heard that it costs a mint just to get to a place like Moscow or St. Petersburg.

Um, anyway, I'm going to be creating a new journal in a second. Stand by. And add it if you want to hear about my stupid misadventures here.
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I can't decide if this is more funny or disturbing

wow, this speech glenn beck is giving is kind of freaky
he's all sweaty
and tense
he might actualyl believe what he's saying
either that or he's just fat and anxious
CaptainBillstro: which one
me: CPAC
CaptainBillstro: are you watching the clip or the whole thing
me: the clip
i'd probably kill myself if i had to sit through the whole thing
CaptainBillstro: the whole thing is really funny, dude
do you think i would have found "AND THEY'RE ALWAYS PROUD OF AMERICA" without watching "whole things"? huh?
me: i'll live
you can be the guy who does that
CaptainBillstro: if i hadn't watched it
me: yeah
CaptainBillstro: you should just watch wednesday's daily show and report
me: and that quote makes my blood pressure shoot up by about 100000000000 points every time it crosses my mind

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THE MORE YOU KNOW===========*

iamnotcoolorami: sicilians are the best at holding grudges
my grandfather hasn't talked to his sister since 1992 because they got in a fight over who should host a thanksgiving gathering
me: really?
iamnotcoolorami: yes
he also got in a fight with my great grandmother (his mohter in law)
in 1980
and never talked to her
and made jokes about his dick at her funeral in 2008
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Hi, I drank a six pack of Smithwick's earlier today. It took several hours and I barely buzzed off of it. The only reason why I did it was because I'm a fan of ales (especially the pale version British sailors drank during their voyages to the jewel of the empire). Smithwick's is an Irish ale, and I've never had one of those. I should've known I would've hated it because it's by the same people who make Guinness. But it's a completely different beer (a stout), which doesn't necessarily mean they can't make better beers of different types. (I.e., ALES!)

I was wrong. Smithwick's sucks, and I wish I could think of some metaphor involving urine and my desire to drink that instead of Smithwick's...but you're not my girlfriend (yet) and I'm not gonna lie my ass off to you. Smithwick's sucks and I'll never buy it again. If you care about ales, you'll never buy it, either. Spend an extra dollar or two on something with a lot more flavor and a little more alcohol content. Or go balls out for both and way more alcohol content. Fuckin' a, man!

I have a note on stouts that I left unfinished. I fucking hate stouts. I liked them at first because they put hair on my chest. Well, they put hair on my inexperienced, angst ridden chest (which remains mostly bare to this day). But where's the flavor? Where's the bite? Where's the buzz? Oh, you'll look cool sipping a Guinness, but only if you're an idiot surrounded by other idiots.

Anyway, I'm having a bad day. And I am a moron. Here is why I feel this way.

In my defense, these fuckers had an ad on UCLA's job board. This is a job board that is only open to rising graduates and graduates willing to pay a fee. With that comes credibility in my mind. Perhaps I will learn my lesson. But only to an extent. Bruinview is the best fucking job board on the internet, and I'm speaking from experience. I've had probably 20+ interviews since I started my senior year, and about four at most have come from outside of that network.

No, I'm not going to give up on Bruinview, because that's probably the only way I'm ever going to get a job. Rather, if necessary, I'm going to write a detailed letter to them about this company and hope that they never do business with my alma mater or fuck over another Bruin again. We work too hard for this. Oh, and the Better Business Bureau.

I'm just furious about what I'm going through right now. I'm afraid that this is some two bit operation (more on that later if necessary) with little regard for my welfare. Good LORD I have so much to say about this if necessary.

I forgot why I even posted. Here's the best view I can get from Google Street View that accurately resembles that of the home my brother and I hope to inherit. I was born and raised here.

Oh, also. I got these awesome headphones the other day. I didn't really appreciate them until I listened to this album. I was promised a level of clarity I'd never heard if I bought these. I've been listening to trance (more on that later) since I got them, but then I turned on this today and I understood EVERYTHING this singer said while kind of drunk. I've never had a pair of headphones like that.

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Just a quick update about the job thing, etc.

I'm getting a bunch of vaccinations tomorrow and I'm flying to Wuhan, China (via Beijing) by the 15th. I'll be there for at least a year (assuming I'm not fired), but if I like it, I'll probably stay longer. I wanna learn that language, man. Oh, and not be broke and living with my mom and stuff. My friend Daniel lived in China for a year and he told me that I'll live very comfortably on the salary I've been offered. I'll be sure to investigate the merits of his claims.

Anyway, uh, I got really drunk on Friday night and went to a "rave" last night. It was in this auditorium type place on University called Wabash Hall, and it wasn't a big event. The first DJ I saw was absolutely awful and he was probably spinning original stuff. The guy who came on after him, though, was really good. He opened with what was likely an original remix of deadmau5 - Ghosts N Stuff. It sucked that people started to leave while he was still in the middle of his set, but he did come on kind of late.

I was only there for maybe two hours, and I don't think there were ever more than 100 people there at any point. And then about 60 or 70 of those people suddenly left all at once by a quarter past three, and Jose and I followed them. Oh, and I think 90 percent of the girls who were there were probably still in high school, which creeped me out a bit because it seemed like 90 percent of the guys who were there were at least as old as I am. I had a great time, though.
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