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Typin' Monkey
Question: What's the one material item you cling to for no logical reason?

I don't know about clinging to something, but I'd be hard pressed to part with my "Lucky" Shirt.


I got it as a present from EmilyW, many moons ago. It's lettering is faded from years of washing, it has faint spots of rust/blood/oil, it's been transferred from bag to bag and sport to sport. It now lives with my Hockey Gear and I wore it at my game last Sunday.

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Careful not to let it get to close to those gloves. It might dissolve . .
Or, are those new gloves?

You fail at answering the question, sir. There is a clear and logical reason you still have this material item...it's LUCKY.
It's really a lame question, wanting an answer like- I have the key to my dad's house from 5 years ago. Too lazy to throw it away. :P

luck, madam, in my definition of the term, defies logic. Perhaps it's the sentimental value... But I hold onto it nevertheless.

LUCK is logical, tangible and reasonable. If you throw the right kind of energy into an object there will be results. Energy transmission. Will discuss further over cocktails.

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