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Home Safe
Typin' Monkey
15 of the things I learned on my trip Argentina and Uruguay.

1. My Spanish is both much better and worse that I thought.
2. Watch out for the random rock when eating Peanuts in the Molin Cerveceria in Buenos Aires.
3. I have strong teeth.
4. Bars that have two cocktail glasses on their sign are really a strip club.
5. The few unattractive women in Buenos Aires are in a "bar" near the corner of MT de Alvar & San Marin in the Retiro District.
6. There is a point where I can no longer eat Steak, no matter how good it is.
7. Uruguay is a very green, lush, and beautiful country
8. Except for Colonia, Uruguay (including the Punta del Este) is not all that exciting in the off season.
9. A draft beer is called a "Chopp".
10. Buenos Aires could easily be mistaken for any Western European city (but Montevideo looks like Toulouse on a bad day).
11. I can't say "Chao" with a straight face, regardless of the fact it's in common usage in their goofy Castellano dialect.
12. Argentines love horses and statues of People on horses.
13. A fully loaded Asado (Coal BBQ) in a Parrilla is a thing of beauty. It makes me misty just thinking about it.
14. Both Argenting and Uruguay have exceptional local wines at a low price.
15. Things can (and will) go (dreadfully) wrong at home while you're on holiday. The trick is to sort out what can be done and go back to slacking with Linc in a Cafe.

...pictures soon, I promise.

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(Deleted comment)
It was something truly amazing... just.. wow! Don't know when/if I'll be back there anytime soon, but I think I need more of Argentina.

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