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Phylo is moving out

...so I've got a room to rent in a large, two bedroom Apartment/Condo on Beach Hill.
It will be available mid-March.

$800/Month, all utilities included (including Cable and 3Meg DSL).
Full size Kitchen.
Ocean view (if you jump up and down in the Living Room)
Permit Parking in the Summertime (so you can actually park on the street).
Storage available.
Walking distance to the Boardwalk and Downtown.

Let me know if you know anybody.
Typin' Monkey


Question: What's the one material item you cling to for no logical reason?

I don't know about clinging to something, but I'd be hard pressed to part with my "Lucky" Shirt.


I got it as a present from EmilyW, many moons ago. It's lettering is faded from years of washing, it has faint spots of rust/blood/oil, it's been transferred from bag to bag and sport to sport. It now lives with my Hockey Gear and I wore it at my game last Sunday.
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Typin' Monkey

If you get the chance...

Find somebody you like.
Go to Batik Cafe.
Order the Combination Plate (Nasi Champur).
...and eat with your fingers, making little bundles of rice to grab things.

+ The Indonesian Coffee (Kopi Tubruk) is very tasty/strong and has a piece of sweetened Ginger floating in it.