The Last Day of High School Deserves An Entry

Today was the last day of high school. I graduate in a week. This all feels way too surreal. It still feels like April to me. I've never been a good judge of time, though.

After picking up Calliope from the printers I came home and ate Annie's macaroni & cheese and then promptly fell asleep on my couch for several hours.

Jasmine bought me a $2 children's shirt with the oddest looking pig I've ever seen on it. It has an endearingly cute quality about it, though.

I went to the senior band concert and saw Hizzlebeth, Becca, and others play pretty music. Then Brendan bought us frosties. We did not go bowling.

What a strange day ...

Now I'm going to read Margaret Atwood.

Things I did today:

1) Finally went to Supply Pond (after a week of waiting!) and hiked about with Jazzy & Hizzlebeth. We found the fishway despite our collective terrible sense of direction, and Jazzy and I climbed about on its rocks. We were not able to locate a whale on the grape trail, though.
2) Returned to my home and ate too much food.
3) Hizzlebeth and I somehow failed to properly bake a cake, fry latkas, and make bean patties stick together.
4) Then we accidentally started a grease fire in my oven. (It was promptly put out)

Now my feet hurt, but it was an enjoyable day.

Things I named today:
1) Samuel the cute chubby bird
2) Bobby the chipmunk
3) Agatha the fishway
Edit: 4) Duckyx6 the duck

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The epitaph on Kilgore Trout's tombstone reads, "Life is no way to treat an animal."

Kurt Vonnegut, Counterculture’s Novelist, Dies

In seventh grade, Ms. Simpson, my English teacher at the time, gave me her dog-eared copy of Slaughterhouse-five. It had notes scribbled all over it, and I absorbed every word of the novel. In the next year or so I think I read every Kurt Vonnegut novel and short story there was. He made me love literature again.
I always said I was going to meet Kurt Vonnegut. I'm sad that I never will be able to. What a great man. He will be missed.

Let's go to the market and get some eggs!

College applications are done. Senior exhibition is done. Midterms are almost done. High school is 7/8 over. How strange.

Today I bought uni-ball pens in assorted colours, the best post-it notes ever, and I ate a chocolate reindeer.

Tonight I'm remembering facts about pollution and poverty. Cultural eutrophication is my new favourite word.
AP environmental science makes me feel guilty about taking showers and living in America. It is sort of like Catholicism.

Post script #1: I wish it would snow.

Post script #2: I determined that Hizzlebeth is my foil.

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School, which began yesterday, turned out to be a lot more fun than I thought it would be. I actually like everything, except for the senior balcony. It just is so annoying because I've spent the last three years avoiding it, because it is jammed with people and now I have to use it. Sigh, it happens. Do you think if I take my lock off it/things in it will get stolen?

I have first period open, which is fun but I think I'll put Acting Workshop there instead just because it seems amusing. Mrs. Ogren said it wasn't an actual academic class, and my other choice is Philosophy and something about Patela just bothers me enough to not want to take that class.

Trigonometry with Lyons. It's math, but he isn't a psycho or anything. I hope he actually follows through with giving us chocolate, which de did not do freshman year when I had him.

AP Environmental Science is really fun so far. Mrs. Laliberte is funny and we already got off track today when we were doing our notes; I love classes like that. Plus, I'm actually really interested in environmental science. So, the class will be interesting.

AP European History is funny. So far I have learned that 1) There is NO Italy! and 2) the Magna Carta is the Paris Hilton of documents. Plus, he actually just lived in England. He has all these anecdotes about people and places.

AP English ... Well, Mr. Ogren is the nicest, cutest old man ever. He is really soft-spoken and seems to really care what everyone has to say. Plus, he is incredibly organized. He is a world of difference from Mrs. Ogren. It is sort of silly. The class itself scared me a lot yesterday because the transition between the two Ogrens is sort of hard. Last year, it was really easy not to do anything, but this year seems not that case at all.

I have anouther open, which is nicer than first because no one is really in it so I'll actually get work done.

Then I have AP Psych. Mr. Bouley is really funny. He just keeps throwing all these hypothetical psychology-oriented questions at us and they're really odd and amusing. Today we were talking about social psychology and he just said, "Do you think I like wearing shoes? Well, you're mistaken." I just thought that was silly.

I like all of my classes. I still haven't gotten used to the whole senior year thing. It doesn't feel like my last year of high school, but whatever.

I accidentally took a two hour nap today. My poor sleep debt. I should go to sleep earlier.


Semester One
A-Day // B-Day
1 Open // Open
2 Plane Trigonometry - Lyons // --
3 AP Environmental Science - Laliberte // --
4 Gym - Synodi // AP Environmental Science - Lalibertte
5 AP Modern European History - Hinrichs // --
6 AP English - Ogren // --
7 Open // Open
8 AP Psychology - Bouley // --

Semester Two
A-Day // B-Day
1 Open // Open
2 Advanced Algebra - Lyons // --
3 AP Environmental Science - Laliberte // --
4 Gym // AP Environmental Science - Lalibertte
5 AP Modern European History - Hinrichs // --
6 AP English - Ogren // --
7 Open // Open
8 AP Psychology - Bouley // --

And then it says "Class Aide Social Studies" under ninth peroid, which makes no sense because there is no ninth period. Sort of confusing. I thought I would actually be in a class.

I'm kind of annoyed that I have two opens a day. I think I'm going to move my gym class from first peroid to 4A. Then I'll put a class in either first peroid or seventh peroid, depending on the classes those periods. I really wanted to take 19th Century American History Honours, but it isn't in my schedule. Sad face. Maybe I can take American Culture Reflected Through the Arts. Then I really would have taken all of Ahern's classes, haha. If anyone knows of a fun class (History or English) first or seventh peroid that I would like, let me know.
In other news, paint can get moldy (and it smells like bad fruit!) and I want to go to Antarctica. Screw the whole college thing, I'll just go live in Antarctica, haha (like I would ever actually go through with that). I guess I'll just wait until I'm old and have nothing else in life to look forward to to go there. Then I'd have something to look forward to!

I also should be doing my AP English work, but I'm not. I have to read 1328 pages in 15 days. I can do it! Plus I read My Antonia back in June, so I'll just reread it quickly and take some notes. I did do all of my AP Enviro work and my AP Euro work, though. So, at least I don't have to do that. I really shouldn't have waited so long to read those books for English At least I'm not the only one.

I guess this is the end!


Yesterday a model rocket definitely hit me. It was crazy. It was my fault, though. I didn't listen to Nathaniel when he told me to move. It even burned/left marks on my clothes. I'm okay, though.
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Nathaniel figured out how to make the rocket full of parachuting army men not explode today, and it worked. It was silly; one of the army men fell into the pool, and anouther needed to be rescued with a broom when he fell on the roof.

Rockets are fun, even if they attacked me a bit. I'm glad there is a hobby shop right down the street. Endless rocket engines; how silly.

Now I'm making cyclops snails out of teal playdoh. I heart snails made out of playdoh.

Yesterday and today have been really nice. I'm really glad they existed.

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I'm procrastinating the last homework of the year, how like me. So, here's this meme-thing. It is basically for my own amusement, I suppose. It makes sense and then it makes no sense.

The Soundtrack to Your Life
So, here's how it works:
Open your music player (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, etc).
Put it on shuffle.
Press play.
For every question type the song that's on.
When you go to a new question press the next button.
Ready? GO!

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