don't be a fucking banana

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Bananas are Love

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all promises are off, art, associating with intelligence, autoerotic asphyxiation = ♥, banana, banana phone, bananaphone, bananariffic, bananas, being a material object, blinkies, brad swaile, breakfast, buddha, cannibalism not world hunger, cats sleeping on me, christoper walken, christopher walken and bananas, cold sensation between earlobes, correcting everything about you, digging to amsterdam, dropkicking children, eating omlettes on ships, encyclopedia dramatica, exactly 91 mph, fried banana skins, friendly bananas, friends, friends who are bananas, friends with bananas, fruit, fuck tarts, fuck this shit, fucktarts, getting away from maine, getting lost [with you], having too much lust, jesus, jesus is bananas, kill them all, laughing at posthardcore kids, laughing like a hyena, life behind the lense, lj drama, lost in the countryside, making myself obvious, making myself too obvious, needs more cowbell, not hiding anymore, pintail longboards, pirates, players always get played, poking you with things, polka dotted innocence, polydactyl cats, pop tarts, psychological warfare, scripted randomness, sex toys that kill, smiling at your girlfriend, smoking, snape killed dumbledore, staying up all night, stolen walmart makeup, subverting the dominant paradigm, surrealism, surveys that lie, tagyourit, tattooes that scar, technological mumbo jumbo, text messaging too much, the big black van, the city of envy, the street sign game, truancy, visible light spectrum, wall of tea, watching you bleed blue, wtf, you are a loser, your mouth my fist