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seeexyyyy [Monday
July 31,2006 12:15 am
[ mood | touched ]

First and formost I met Doug Flutie yesterday and it is the best thing that has happened to me all fucking year.(thats right....better then John Travolta)

Im seeing Taledega Nights tommorrow...for freeeeeeee.

Rescue me is on again in 2 days.

And the best thing ever...

The Spice girls are getting back together and coming out with a "best of" album...meaning they will...and I saw will be going on tour.

fucking amazing.

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Vagina is only warm when you use a shovel. [Monday
July 24,2006 6:20 pm
This summer has been increadible.

I love my friends.

Allison came to visit me a couple weeks ago. It was amazing.

Eye of the Tiger is the most increadible song ever.
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in the worst way [Thursday
July 6,2006 8:56 pm
[ mood | sleepy ]

mmmmbeing home is nice. Aside from some issues I love it.

I do miss FL a lot though. I hope I get the chance to go there in August for a visit.

the 4th was awesome.

tonight will be awesome.

works good.

familys okay.

birdies goood. :)

Now, I go off to see Pirates at 12!!! das right.


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May 29,2006 7:44 pm
Im home...or have been for over a week.

It's been fun being home. I've been catching up a lot with old friends which is awesome. I start work again at F1 on Wednesday.

I miss florida. Mostly the people I met (minus one).

Hopefully I can move down there in the winter as planned. It would be amazing.


"dude seriously...nobody is going to buy this" (holding a statue of a girl straddeling a banana)

Im hilarious.
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always move fast [Sunday
April 30,2006 12:30 am
[ mood | crazy ]

So...the rumors are true.

Everyone who is from Norway, is beautiful. Even the ugly ones.

I'll be home in 20 days.

until then...im tearing this place apart one hour at a time. <3

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April 5,2006 5:20 pm
[ mood | ecstatic ]

I went skydiving today, and it was the best thing I have ever done in my entire life.

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April 5,2006 8:12 am
In about 2 hours I will be jumping out of a plane.


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March 27,2006 12:24 pm

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the perks of working for Disney [Thursday
March 16,2006 7:24 pm
[ mood | super cool ]

I met John Travolta the other day.

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<3 [Friday
March 10,2006 11:44 pm
[ mood | good ]

Things have suprisingly got better the last few days.

The people I work with are awesome. I love them all. We're going to have a hooters trip on of these nights. Im so excited, not to hang out with them, not to go to hooters,but to eat fucking wings man. mmm wings.

SO anyhoo. Jamie and Jen are coming on Monday. I cant wait. I wish everyone was coming though.

As of today I've been here for 3 months. So weird.

KB is the best. <3333333

My birthday is in 16 days. :)


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I need someone to be my friend. [Thursday
March 2,2006 1:06 am
[ mood | crappy ]

Things have been A-Okay lately. Well kind of.

I broke out into the hives, again. And I fainted in church today. So im out of work for today and tommorrow. It sucks, I wish I knew why I feel so fainty lately.

Andrews girlfriend came to visit. I know she doesnt like me. The night she came we went to Steak and Shake at like 2:00am.  She kept aking like she was better then me and Allison.  And when we got to Steak and Shake, 20 minutes after we met, she asked randomly" which one of you is from Boston?"  Soooo I want to know what has been said about me.  idk, maybe Im paranoid. I hate it when people dont like me.

That was also the only time I saw Andrew the last few days.  I talked to him only when he called to ask me information about the parks. Aparently Im information disney person or something. blah.  Tonight we chilled for a little bit but he was acting so uninterested in hanging out. I dont know what his deal is.  I guess because he doesnt have a thing for me then he doesnt want to have anything to do with me. But Allison on the other hand has talked to him all weel.

I feel alone a lot here. I feel like I really have nobody to talk to about anything because none of them really know me here. Allisons the best and I love her so much, but we're still getting to know each other.

Mardi Gras was fun though! Me Emily Allison Shauna and Drew went to Pleasure Island for PARTI GRAS! Then we got slurpies. :)

I hope things pass. Or at least these feelings. 


PS-birthday is in 25 days ;)

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February 28,2006 3:26 pm

HAPPY MARDI GRAS!!!!!!!!!!!!


fucking feet [Tuesday
February 7,2006 8:41 pm
[ mood | afraid for my life ]

my roomates just tried to tickle my feet and then threatned to do it to me in the middle of the night. Im not going to sleep for weeks.


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Floridaaa [Thursday
January 12,2006 5:05 pm
[ mood | happy ]

I FINALLY got the internet working. :)

Soo Im in Disney. :) I <3 it here. 80 degree weatherrr sunnnnnnnyyyyyy :) I live with 5 other girls. They all rock though. I found out my job today. Im working in the front at epcot. :) woot. :)

Ill update soon. :) <3<3<3

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:) [Monday
January 9,2006 4:56 pm
[ mood | good ]

Saturday night was awesome. Erica and Jamie got a Limo and the 3 of us went to the North End. We ate at Broccio and it was delicious. I got duck, IN-FUCKING-CREADIBLE. :):) Then we went to Mikes Pastries where i got delicious German Chocolate Cake.
After that they took me to the Pru. We were going to go to the top (skyline) but it was closed because there was a wedding. Booooooo.
THEEENN we went to Boston Bowl where we met up with Denise and Jen. We were all dressed up so it was cute. We're awesome.

At the end of the night we dropped jen and denise off and then we drove to hull and back in the limo. It was so nice. I love all of them so much :)

With that, im leaving tommorrow so next time I update ill be in FLorida. ;) woot.

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tipsyyyyyyyy [Friday
January 6,2006 4:55 pm
[ mood | excited ]

Lalala I leave in 3 days lalalala.

Last night was fuuuun! Saw my Begats, Shawna, Mary, Gabbi, and Chrissy. So much fun. I missed those girls. I wish COlleen came. :( It was good to see them and I can't wait to see them when I get back.

I got a laptop yesterday. :) Its cute and all dolled up with Punky Brewster stickers. :)

Im getting really excited to go. :) Now that everything is coming together I can look pass the stress and think of how awesome what I am doing is. :)

Tonight me, Jamie, and Jen go to RI to see Nick! Yayyyy! Fun fun fun fun. Tommorrow Erica and Jamie are taking me to the top of the hub. And then Sunday is HHY With the strip! everyone go! woo



December 30,2005 12:36 pm
[ mood | stressed ]

13 days.

Im getting excited.

I need new glasses, a laptop, a physical, lots of clothes, luggage, money, and a plane ticket. Then I'll be ready to go.


The last few days have been fun. I love when my friends are home from school.

Tonight Providence!! Hopefully something good will be found.

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December 24,2005 5:30 pm
Merry Christmas.


December 15,2005 1:20 pm
[ mood | thirsty ]

nip/tuck is increadible. IN-FUCKING-CREADIBLE. 5 days until THE FINALLLEEEEEEEE.

so anyways.

I did my ASL song on Tuesday. I did good, except i wasnt really prepared and only did half of what I was origionally supposed to dooo...but thats okay. Everyone else did good. Today's the last day of class. Im sad. I love that class. I'll prolly cry on my way home. Cause im gay like that.

still have no christmas shopping done. I think now that school is out of the way I can now worry about christmas. Then when thats out of the way I can worry about Florida, which im not in the modd to talk about.


fuck christmas. Im such a grinch. I dont want to do shiiiiiiiiiit. bleh. damn jesus and his birthday.

I saw my little sister yesterday. She's cute and makes me happy. <33333

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cha-fucking-lupa [Monday
November 28,2005 11:23 pm
[ mood | cranky ]


right on.

I worked a lot this weekend. It was nice though. I need the $$$

Everytime I think about going to Disney I get nervous. Im so excited to go but at the same time Im terrified to go. Im not going to know anyone there. I dont know the area whatsoever. And Im so far away from home.
Then I think of my family. I feel like Im being selfish by going. Because I wont be here for them. I know they need me here, regarless if they say they do or not.

I think Im just looking into it a little to much.

gah. I wish certain "friends" would stop being so irritating.

I cant wait until Christmas break when everyone is home and we can all dance and play.

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